Friday, 26 October 2012

Bee a Brit Stingy pincushion swap

I received another piece of post this week that contained my Bee a Brit Stingy  pincushion swap. The Bee a Brit Stingy doesn't start until January but we were all keen to take part in a little swap before then, so we were all tasked with making a pincushion. Mine was made by Jan
Pincushion and thread catcher from Jan
As you can see Jan made me a small pincushion with a birdie stamped on the linen.  The reverse of the pincushion was made with some fab fabric and Jan also made me a small thread catcher.
Back of the pincushion

Thank you Jan, they are very  cute and I am  already using them.

In the same swap, I made a pincushion for Catherine.
Pincushion made for Catherine

Back of pincushion made for Jan.

I used vintage fabric along with some retro fabric. I was really taken with those needles and cotton reels.

All in all, I have had some great post this week and I have enjoyed both this swap and the Paramouthy Stitches swap. 

I am away next week as it is our half term. As we are going where there is no only sporadic internet I will probably be able to access blogger but I am afraid that I cannot do the techie bits that allow you to blog from your phone so I will show you what I am up to on the sewing front, once I return.
Di x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Paramouthy Stitches sent

Yesterday I promised to show you the tote that I sent to Amy as part of the Paramouthy Stitches swap.
Well here it is…

Side one
Side two
I decided that I would do wonky stars as they featured quite prominently in Amy's mosaic. I had always wanted to do the 12" block of three stars and I enjoyed doing it. The little star is only 3" square so my accuracy skills had to be sharpened up!
Detail of little star
I used a text fabric (Crab Shack) as the background fabric and lined the bag with an aqua fabric.
Inside the bag
I also inserted a zipped pocket as I think that they are handy. Finally, I made a simple key ring, copying the one that I had received from Liz as it is the best keyring I have ever had and I thought that it may also work for Amy.
So that is the Paramouthy Stitches Swap completed. I really enjoyed it and a big 'thank you' goes to Amy for doing it with me.
Di x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Paramouthy Stitches Swap

Some of you will remember that I missed out on the sign ups for the Mouthy Stitches swap. My bloggy friend, Amy had too, so we decided that we would do a swap between the two of us. Amy named it the Paramouthy Stitches swap. The only drawback about the swap was that we could talk to each other i.e. be mouthy, but we couldn't show what we were doing as it would have spoilt the surprise. We both posted our bags yesterday and this is what arrived through my letterbox today.
My Paramouthy Stitches bag made by Amy

This bag is awesome with little free - motion drawn birds on the front, with some lovely hand stitching that trails from the birds over to the back of the bag. 
Back of the bag
The back of the bag has a rainbow colour block running down the middle of it. The bag also has a zippy pocket on the inner and a second smaller pocket for a pen and pencil. I love having pockets in my bags so these are just right for me. Attached on the inside is a little keychain clutch. Amy showed this on her blog and I just knew that it was for me! The bag is made of Kona Quilter's Linen in a dark grey colour. It is beautiful. The mosaic below is to give you an idea of how the bag looks inside and out. I had a real problem getting any decent photos as the light is so bad but I hope that you get the idea of how lovely this bag is.
Paramouthy stitches swap received from Amy.
A big thank you to Amy for such a beautiful bag that is full of small details that I love. I have so enjoyed doing this swap and deciding what to make Amy. Come back tomorrow and I will show you the bag I made for Amy.
Di x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Slouch bag success

After blogging on Friday about my delivery of compressed wadding I set too with cutting my slouch bag pattern out. I had a whole afternoon to myself, with no interruptions, so I sewed all afternoon until I had completed the project.

I am so thrilled with how easily the bag went together and also the end result.

My version of the Slouch Bag
There are no pockets in the pattern but I need pockets to divide up my junk personal belongings so I decided that I would be fearless and add a slip pocket too.
Slip pocket

 I also like a zipped pocket to keep more valuable items safe so I also added one of these on the opposite side of the bag.
Zipper pocket
Below is a dreadful photo of me wearing the bag. Just concentrate on the bag, not my grimace!
Slouch bag
I know that I will be making this bag again as it is so easy to make and it is a bag that you can 'wear'. I would like to make it in a tweed as I think that it would be great for the winter. I will keep my eye out for some fabric on the market. Failing that, I might raid my  husband's wardrobe (if only)! So if you too would like to make this bag, Judith has it on sale on her Esty shop here.
Di x

Friday, 19 October 2012

Waiting for the post to come

I have been eagerly waiting for the post to arrive today.  I was really pleased to see this when I opened the parcel. It is a parcel of compressed wadding!
Compressed wadding
OK, so it may not set your heart racing but it does mean that I can now get on with some sewing over the weekend (hopefully).

I have been waiting a long time patiently for Judith to release her Slouch Bag Pattern and as soon as I saw it on Etsy I pressed the 'buy' button. 

Judith's Slouch Bag Pattern (image shamelessly nicked from Judith's blog)
You too can buy the pattern at Judith's Etsy Pattern Shop

I have some yardage of DS Flea Market Fancy Bouquet in red that I have been saving for this bag. On Wednesday I found some fabric in the same red/persimmon colour, to use as lining, at a store on Newark market.

Slouch bag fabrics
Now all I have to do is cut out the pattern pieces and get sewing!

Di xo

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Coming home..

My 'Going away' bag held up really well whilst I was away. It was stuffed full but retained it's crisp shape and was just the right size to hold A4 papers as well as all the rubbish  bits that I lug carry around.
'Anya' bag
I felt in the mood to do a little sewing today but I didn't want to work on anything big so I turned to the Zakka Style book for a little inspiration. In the book there is a pattern for a pencil case. Back in the summer Sarah gave all the hipBees a little polymer clay zip pull bee and a pencil case made from this pattern.
Pencil case from Sarah
I decided that these little pencil cases might make good presents, so I thought that I would make one to see how it came together. I had heard that the instructions were a little difficult to understand, hence making a prototype first. I did go wrong as I didn't really understand the instructions, despite reading it all through umpteen times, however when it actually 'clicked' the pencil case came together beautifully.

Prototype pencil case
I think that I might be making more of these little cases in the future.
Di x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A 'Going Away' Bag

Tomorrow I am going away for a few days. Most years I go to the Aglow conference and meet up with my Mum and some ladies from her group. I find that doing Lincolnshire to Southport, Friday to Sunday, is really tiring so this year Mum and myself are going a day early so that we can have a bit of time together before we meet up with the gang. Thinking about what I was going to squeeze into my case made me also think about what bag I would take with me. I have used my London bag all summer but now it is packed away until next year. Time to make a new bag I think...
London Bag
Back in the summer I read this post from Karen, my fellow hipBee, and it caught my eye. About a month later I saw the magazine, that featured Karen's bag, in the bookshop in town and so I bought it. These last few days I have been stitching away  making my own version of the 'Anya' bag.
My version of the Anya bag
The pattern was really clear and easy to follow. I did go wrong once or twice, but it was because I deviated from what Karen said to do! I am really pleased with this bag and love the fabric I chose to make it in. The main part of the bag was made from 1/2m of an Anna Maria Horner's Field Study - 'Sinister swarm in vivacious' bought from The Village Haberdashery.
Winter Anya bag
I used some fabric I bought on sale a little while ago for the lining. I put in a zipper pocket as well as an open pocket, as I like pockets!

I am really pleased with how this bag has turned out and will use it this winter. Thanks Karen for such a good pattern and instructions.
Di x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Catching up

This past week feels as if it has gone by in a flash. I don't think that I have completed any one project  but I have managed to spend a little time doing my hipBee block for Miss October (Jan).
Jan asked for wonky stars using her Denyse Schmidt stash. It was a pleasure to work with such bright fabric. I just  have to write the details on the siggy block and then this will be winging it's way to Jan.
DS Wonky Star HipBee October 2012
HipBee Siggy block October 2012
Last week I also received some lovely crafty post from Amy. I haven't blogged about it, until now, as it has either been too dark to take a photo or I have been caught up in the whirlwind of life. Amy posted about Craft if Forward which is where you send a handmade item to the first five people who are interested, and then they do the same etc, etc. 
Craft it Forward post from Amy
Now I have to admit that I didn't realise that I had signed up for this caper as I often comment on Amy's posts. So, in the spirit of of Craft if Forward, I will honour the commitment. Please don't get too excited though, as although I might be able to sew, I am not much of a crafter! I do have an idea or two, so roll on up!
Di x

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2

Woo Hoo! I have just pressed the BUY button and bought my golden ticket for the Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013! 

I am one happy sewist to have this in the bag! I had a blast at this year's Retreat and enjoyed learning new techniques and meeting so many bloggers. 

Are you going to come too?
Di x

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fresh Sewing Day

Today I am linking up with Lynne at Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day. 
Lily's Quilts

My round up of September is rather minute but my excuse is that time goes way too fast and it doesn't include my Para-mouthy stitches tote nor the pincushion made for my partner in the Bee a Brit Stingy bee.

I have included a photo of the material used to make the pincushion (bottom right).The top row were Hipbee blocks for Judith. I really liked making this block so I made a couple more centres for Judith to finish if she wanted to. They were rather addictive and I cannot wait to see how Judith puts all the blocks together.

September 2012 Round up

It does include the quilt that I finished for my parents Golden Wedding anniversary. We gave it to them this past weekend and they liked it. I am glad, as it took me ages to make and I was rather weary of looking at the same colours for so long.

I haven't included my Echo quilt as I have not finished the quilting yet. I need to do a little more on it before I show you an update.
Di x