Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Coming home..

My 'Going away' bag held up really well whilst I was away. It was stuffed full but retained it's crisp shape and was just the right size to hold A4 papers as well as all the rubbish  bits that I lug carry around.
'Anya' bag
I felt in the mood to do a little sewing today but I didn't want to work on anything big so I turned to the Zakka Style book for a little inspiration. In the book there is a pattern for a pencil case. Back in the summer Sarah gave all the hipBees a little polymer clay zip pull bee and a pencil case made from this pattern.
Pencil case from Sarah
I decided that these little pencil cases might make good presents, so I thought that I would make one to see how it came together. I had heard that the instructions were a little difficult to understand, hence making a prototype first. I did go wrong as I didn't really understand the instructions, despite reading it all through umpteen times, however when it actually 'clicked' the pencil case came together beautifully.

Prototype pencil case
I think that I might be making more of these little cases in the future.
Di x


  1. Love it! SUper colours :) It was a tricky one for me too and I ended up making a sketch in my book for future reference in case I make another - the whole book needs more diagrams but they are great projects once finished.

  2. Great that the purse did so well, and lovely little prototype. Now please let me know if I have conquered the google demons and have I got back my reply blogger status?!

  3. Di I just love this bag! I have always wondered why there aren't bags to fit an A4 pad comfortably but I might follow your lead and make one. Although I might need another bag to carry around all of the other assorted cr*p that I tend to trail around with me.

  4. I had similar problems with the pattern for the pencil case. Basically I found you just need to do what it says even though I had read it over and over and over and I couldn't see how that would work. Glad you got there in the end - your pencil case looks lovely!

  5. I love the bag and it is great that it is up for the job of being stuffed with stuff, and the pencil cases are so cute, I have not yet tried one.

  6. Beautiful bag Di! And your wee pencil cases are so cute - great pressies! Jxo

  7. Love the new bag, really cute, and those zakka style pencil cases are lovely- what is it with following instructions that makes our brains switch off, it's like taking directions from people!! Ange x

  8. Going backwards! Cute bag - you are a bit of a bag making fan then! Cute pencil cases!