Saturday, 15 December 2012

Secret Santa post

In my new bee, Bee A Brit Stingy  we have got to know each other by swapping pincushions and this week we sent our Secret Santa parcels. I made this basket for Collette.
The basket made for Collette
On Thursday night I came in very late after a lovely 'Christmassy' day in Cambridge and found an interesting parcel that my nice postie had left in the coal bunker for me. I couldn't take any photos yesterday as we had torrential rain and the light was terrible. It was one of those days when you had the lights on all day and it was still really drab. Imagine my delight when I opened up my own Secret Santa parcel. It was from Sheila and it was filled with lots of goodies. 
My Secret Santa basket and goodies from Sheila
The basket is a real Christmassy one made with Oh Deer fabric. I love it Sheila. It was filled with  chocolates and a roll of fabrics, a fantastic zipper with a jazzy pull (I am going to make myself a pouch using this), a frame to make a little purse (need time to sit down and do this - a New Year project methinks!), some appliqué hearts all cut out and ready to use and a delicate glass angel for my tree. I really don't know how that came though the post intact. Sheila has greater faith in the postal system than I do! I took a close up of the angel as it gets 'lost' in the above photo.
Glass angel
This bunch of goodness all came wrapped in some amazing 'bubble wrap' type of material. Look at those santas and snowmen. We have nothing like that in the neck of the woods!

Thank you Sheila for such a beautiful basket filled with lots of 'treasure'. I am one happy bunny.

Di xo


  1. You made a beautiful basket and you received an equally beautiful one. Yay!!

  2. It's been a wonderful swap and I love what you made and what you received. Can't wait for the bee 'proper' to start!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful swap bundle, you lucky thing, isn't it amazing the treasure you find in the coal bunker! ; )

  4. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!🎅

  5. I think Christmas has come early! jxo

  6. Oh how lovely - amazing that that wee angel made it to you in tact! Beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous - 'Santa' was very good to you! The angel is lovely and WOW - Royal Mail did a great job getting it there safe and sound!

  8. I didn't think the angel was part of the package? Wow how did that arrive in one piece? Great packages sent and received! Helen is right great swap - can't wait for the real stuff to begin!

  9. You did very well on that swap, as did your partner, all beautiful things. I really love your infinity scarf from a few days back and all those pouches too. You are getting a lot done, you will be well set for the holidays.