Friday, 13 September 2013

Post summer review

Hi everyone. I have been missing in Blogland all summer, as life simply took over. I have spent three separate weeks in Cumbria, slap bang in the hills, where there is no wifi or 3G. My hubby might be desperate enough to go and buy a coffee and get free wifi in the local cafe, but I really couldn't be bothered. We had warmth and sunshine on all the weeks that we were there, which is no mean feat for Cumbria!

So what have I been up to…. 

At New Wine I escaped the misery of sleeping in a tent by being able to go home each night to sleep in my own comfy bed. I did get a place on one of the craft workshops and tried my hand at Art Journalling. I am definitely going to do some more of this as it was great fun and the results were impressive, considering that I cannot do art!
Art journalling at New Wine 2013
I carried on with the EPP that was started at the Fat Quarterly Retreat under the watchful tuition of the entertaining Katy Jones. My Triangle City cushion came together really quickly.
Triangle City cushion
I completed the EPPing of the Spring Carnival cushion whilst bathing in the Cumbrian sunshine.
Spring Carnival EPP finished
I also decided that EPP was not the worst thing to do whilst away from home, so I started another Triangle City cushion.
EPPing with a Pimms

I met up with other bloggers and dear friends, both in Cumbria and at the Festival of Quilts.
Pimms again!!!

Saw this amazing sign on the side of a shop in Penrith...

On the First of September, my hubby and I went to a wedding. It is the first one that we have ever been to where we were there as friends of the parents! My friend took the wedding ceremony and it was really special to see her join her son and his beloved in marriage. The wedding reception was definitely the best that I have ever been to and the cocktails were delicious!!!! I was wise enough to make sure that it wasn't my turn to drive once we got off the train!!!

A late summer London wedding
The only sewing that I felt should be done over the summer, were my bee block commitments.
First up, in the Bee a Brit Stingy bee I made these LV crosses for Nicky, our August Queen Bee.
I love how these have turned out and Nicky is going to have a great quilt when they are all put together.

Our September Queen Bee is Karen and again what a great block to choose. Karen wanted muted tones and a 1930's feel. I hope that these fit the brief. I don't have a lot of 1930's type of fabric in my stash.

The hipBee August Queen is Fiona. She sent us some Amy Butler fabric with a solid. I was a little behind on my bee blocks but thought that I could pull this one off quickly but for the reason below, I haven't quite got this one together. It is definitely a work in progress as there is not quite enough fabric so I am being inventive! 

The hipBees finished their first year last month and we are saying goodbye to Lynz, Karen, Judith and Jan. It is always sad to see people go and we will miss them. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and sharing our sewing, over the past year. Life never stands still though, and as things change there are new opportunities too. The hipBees have new bees in the hive…. Helen, Sarah C, Jill and Amy. We look forward to seeing what challenges we are set this year!!! 

And finally (are you still with me?) the reason that my sewing has ground to a halt is this… a nasty accident with a potato peeler!

The Willowbeck family are travelling to Manchester tomorrow to take Elder Son to university. We knew that this day would come (that is what 14 yrs of schooling often leads to) but I am not looking forward to it. I think that I will need a lot of tissues!!!!

Di x


  1. Nooooooo! who knew a potatoe peeler could be so dangerous! Hope its not too serious an injury that requires more seeing to! Its been a great summer :) x big box of tissues in the car might be a good plan and dont do the driving home :) x big loves

  2. Ouch that looks painful! I hope you don't need as many tissues as you fear :) xxx

  3. Sending you a big squeeze for tomorrow. We'll have to share the tissues as Ed had his first own his own day at preschool today!
    Arghhhhh! I can't believe you can make a potato peeler into a dangerous object!! Looks nasty but I hope that it gets better soon otherwise there will be a thumbs up drought.
    Love the art scrap book thingumy.

  4. Busy busy busy! Loving your carnival and triangle city projects and oh dear - hope your thumb is on the mend!!!

  5. Fun, fun, and how exciting to be taking your son off to uni, I remember my parents taking me off to Manchester for Uni, 20 years ago now (eeek!) and I had the best time of my life! Good Luck :o)

  6. Well, for someone out of circulation, you have done a lot! You did not need to injure yourself, either as an excuse for the tearfuls, tomorrow, nor as an excuse for slow sewing! Get someone else to peel those potatoes next time!

    And, if you want to visit your son sometime- there is a bed here for you! Manchester is a great city for those students!

  7. Aw Di! That thumb looks sore! I hope the departure of no.1 son isn't too painful! Big girls pants on! Jxo

  8. Glad to see you back in blogland Di! Your summer sounds like it was brilliant - and I just adore your triangle city cushions. Hope the thumb gets better quickly x

  9. I once press-ganged my baby sister into helping peel potatoes - she was about 8 I think. She cut her finger on the peeler and I have never been allowed to forget it! She's 27 now!!!

  10. Poor thumb! You certainly filled your summer jam packed with fun and stitchy goodness. Hope all went well today with the uni drop off.

    Interested to see that bloglovin is only telling me today of your new post. There I was doing all well and remembering by myself about the uni journey and all the time it was on your blog!

  11. BTW - hate the flat hair screwed up face thingy going on in my photo, and PIMMS is what we should have been drinking on that terrace with our lunch!

  12. Ouch! Missed your posts but you have not been idle.
    I must get back to EPP,love the triangle city.
    Tomorrow will be fine, you will have a lump in your throat, I remember it like it was yesterday.x

  13. Sounds like you've had a lovely summer - especially getting nice weather in Cumbria! Hope your hand heals quickly and that the drop off went well today - he'll have a great time in Manchester!

  14. I hope today went well Di. Just think of that massive pile of washing he will be bringing home next time!!

  15. Oh no bad news about the thumb. I hope this weekend has gone OK and it was not too sad taking your son to Uni - don't worry, he will be back (with his washing) xxxx

  16. hope all went well with the uni departure and you are ok! glad the thumb is healing up and what a great post!

  17. Sounds like a busy and fun summer. Your son will be fine, it's you who needs the support!

  18. Hi! It's Reene@Nellie's Niceties' daughter and I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award! :)

  19. Nice to hear from you again. Hope the uni drop off went well. I remember being moved to Adelaide to begin uni and being very excited. I didn't even think about how my parents felt! Now as a parent, I dread the days my chicks will leave!