Friday, 6 July 2012

A Hope and Elvis workshop

Time has passed really quickly this week and I still haven't told you about my day out last Saturday. I went up to Worksop to the Harley Foundation Studios where Louise of Hope & Elvis was hosting a workshop by Ted & Agnes & Dottie Angel. The blurb read
'If you have a crafty soul and a granny chic heart, then perhaps you may wish to spend quality time with 2 crafters whose love for handcrafted and secondhand goodness knows no bounds.'

It was a bit of a step into the unknown but it was a really relaxing and crafty day out.
We were challenged to make an pinny from a metre of fabric and to use any of the vintage textiles, trinkets and treasure that were spilling over from old suitcases, baskets and boxes. The couple of hours that we had to do this just went in a flash!
My pinny is below.

I need to get a better photo of it but the rain just prohibits outdoor shots this week! My pinny was pretty plain when compared with the other lovely creations. I think that I just liked my fabric and didn't want to cover too much of it up with doilies, ribbon etc.
After a splendiferous lunch...
We were set a task of making bunting from old antique fabric and other charity shop finds. The ones below were our inspiration.

I'm afraid that I have no good photos of my bunting. I had an idea of stringing it across from tree to tree but I refuse to do this in the rain! The photo below give you an idea of how I used old, redundant textiles and lace to make a string of bunting.
Finally, a photo of the pinny parade! I am in the middle to the right of Mrs Red Shoes! There are some fabulous pinnys in this parade!
It was a fun day out and I didn't use a ruler, cutting mat nor a rotary cutter all day! It is perhaps too 'crafty' for me, but I did learn about pushing the boundaries and not to fuss if things aren't perfect!
Di xo


  1. Cool day out - that sounds just like something I would have loved to do!! Love what you made :)

  2. Oooooo this sounds like a fab day - what a fun experience, I can just picture you in your pinny in the kitchen x

  3. Oh I'm jealous! Looks like great craic!! Just adore places like that and the lunch looks yummy x

  4. Looks like a lot of fun - I do like your pinny!

  5. I love your pinny and wow that lunch looks good.
    I think lace trim is growing on me a bit. Maybe I need to make myself a little something with some trim on.

  6. It looks like a great time and rummaging through the vintage textiles must have been fun.

  7. Oh what a treat getting to use all that wonderful vintage material! Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday! Jxo

  8. What a wonderful creative day! Always good to push the boundaries and see where else they can lay :) x

  9. Oh this is right up my street, pinnies and bunting! Looks like loads of fun and I love your makes!

  10. Oh you lucky, lucky girl! I am a longtime admirer of Dotty Angel. I just love her granny chic style, even if I'm not sure I could pull it off, myself. She is super cool, in my book!
    I love your pinny (we call them aprons here in the US, but I like "pinny" much better!) Looks like a marvelous day, and a delicious luncheon. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love the pinnie identity parade! Looks like a fab day

  12. Sounds like a perfectly crafty day! Just what one needs between all these rain drops :-)