Monday, 21 January 2013

Busy doing nothing...

I feel as if I have been busy doing nothing. We have had some snow and our garden looks magical. It is just a bit difficult to get out to the village and out to the main road though.
Snowy Willowbeck
I have been sewing but with each project that I am currently doing, I have hit a problem...

I cannot sew my son’s birthday quilt as he is at home due to A level exams and I can’t risk him seeing me doing a bit of furtive sewing.

I have two side swaps going on at the moment. The first is with Liz. This dear bloggy friend made me a tote as I missed out on the Mouthy Stitches 2 swap. I was rather disappointed that I had missed the sign up but this lovely lady offered to make me one. I was definitely not going to refuse that offer as Liz is a really talented sewist. I also received a key fob that I absolutely love as I never loose my keys in my bag anymore.
Tote from Liz
I have really dragged my feet about returning the swap. This was partly due to not knowing what she would like. I wanted to make Liz a different sort of bag but didn’t know which one to pick. When Liz left a positive comment on my Perfect Quilted Tote I asked if she would like me to make one for her. I was relieved when the answer was 'yes'. I have finished sewing the quilted part but cannot progress any further as I am waiting for a delivery of black Essex linen for the top, bottom and handles… I hope that it is in a colour way that she will like. It is based around the phone fabric.
Yesterday I finished the second swap item I am doing. This is an infinity scarf for Nicky. We agreed that I would make her an infinity scarf and she make me a little basket with some FM stitching on it. I don’t want to show you a full photo of the scarf as I would like it to be a surprise for her when she receives it (it is in the post). It is made with Liberty fabrics and is very soft.
Infinity scarf for Nicky
This week, if I have time, I would like to make another triple zippy pouch however my main focus is to finish the birthday quilt. It is a fast quilt top to make but I have the young man in the house and cannot get on with it!

This brings me round full circle as I feel as if I am busy doing nothing except enjoying the warmth of the fire and the magical snowy views from the window. 
Di x


  1. The warmth of the fire is a lovely thing to be enjoying. Enforced relaxation is no bad thing.

  2. It's frustrating when you just want to get on with something and can't! Your other wips are looking brill though! Jxo

  3. I know that feeling well, I have lots of things midway on the go but almost all of them need something to take it further, luckily it is pay day tomorrow and no snow here. Hope you get some finishes soon.

  4. Ooh, lots of lovely progress, it's frustrating when you're not finishing anything, makes you feel like you're not getting anything done. But I bet they'll all get finished close together, and you'll feel all productive! : )

  5. Liz will LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. Oooh, you make some lovely stuff

  6. You have done quite a bit for nothing! These are all beautiful by the way. Snow is falling fast again outside here. We had 8 inches on Friday night and finally got that melted back to 2 inches and now we've another 4inches this afternoon with big thick beautiful white flakes still falling heavily now. Odd because 15 miles away in Belfast there was nothing lying at all! It is beautiful but it doesn't have complicate daily life!

  7. Oh my! Whooooppppppeeeeeee!
    I more than love it.
    I am sooooo excited now.
    It is beyond perfect.
    Thank you so much

  8. It's kind of nice to just sit and look out of the window from time to time....... enjoy the snow, but keep safe, it was rotten in Newark today xx

  9. Sitting by the fire keeping warm sounds perfect to me. Lovely makes Di

  10. Wow Di, it's all looking gorgeous! That quilted tote is going to be so awesome x

  11. Love that phone fabric Di, it's going to look great. Snow and more snow for you guys..eek when's it going to end?

  12. Love those sneaky peeks and enjoy the down time :-)

  13. It's all brilliant!! We have a ton of snow and i love it!! Really can't wait to see what that tote looks like!

  14. These are each really lovely. You got the best bag and your one back is excellent. I hope that you get time to work on your son's quilt too.

  15. Me too Collette! Thank you so much Di! I love the scarf and it is so cold I get the pleasure of wearing it all the time! Yeah!

    Great bags - in and going out!

  16. The Liberty scarf is lovely and the bag is something I need to try.