Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Shall I? Will I? Should I?

'Shall I? Will I?' Should I? has been a theme going around my head. 

Shall I join the Finish-A-Long (FAL) hosted by Leanne or not?

After vowing, when I first started quilting, that I would never have any WIPs I can name at least 3 that are languishing in my sewing area. So I think that I should throw my metaphorical hat into the ring.
she can quilt

I am therefore declaring the WIPs that need to be finished in this first quarter.

1. The first WIP requiring a finish is the quilt that I am making for my elder son's 18th birthday. It has been cut out and I have started the piecing. I do have the deadline for this falling in the Q1 so I should achieve this.
Senior son's quilt - beginnings
2.The second WIP has been hanging over the back of the chair in my sewing nook. It is my Turning 20 quilt in the 'Bella' line from Lotta Jansdotter. I like it but I am not loving the straight line quilting. I know that it wouldn't take that long to finish but it is never at the top of my list, so it is definitely included in Q1
Turning 20 Bella quilt
3. The next project I am going to put into the FAL is sitting in large pieces and requires the piecing to be completed before any quilting can begin. I got distracted away from this quilt and have never returned. I would be great to finish my UJ quilt before spring arrives. I have two of the UJs pieced and the third is nearly there. I know that putting the top together wouldn't take a lot but it does need quilting too.
Flag 1 of 3 for the UJ quilt
4. The final project that I am going to declare in the Q1 of  the FAL is to finish a Perfectly Quilted tote that is laying out on my sewing table pool table. It is started but is in the early stages. It is a present (so I am not showing you too much) and it should have been completed waaaaay before Christmas.
Tote for a friend
That is all that I am going to put on my list for the first quarter. I have another quilt that is a WIP but I don't know yet if I will unpick it and repurpose the fabric as it looks a mess to me. I am going to sit on that one a while longer.

This list is probably a realistic list as I also have family birthdays to take into account during this quarter and hopefully there will be some swaps to take part in too. 

Do you think I can do it or am I being a little ambitious here?

Di x


  1. I think you can do it Di!

    I love love your quilt projects (wip). Also that telephone fabric is simply divine!


  2. I think you can do it too Di! Being in the FAL just for 1 quarter last year made me really truck through my WIP. I am compiling my list right now! Can't wait to see your giant UJ quilted - it will look fab x

  3. The Bella quilt is fabulous....... And I never even got started on a UJ quilt. Good Luck.

  4. 3 quilts and a bag, yes, I am sure you can do it, if I can you can :)

  5. Oh! Just look at those telephones.... Can't wait till annie gets them in stock!

  6. You can do it - a determined, talented lady like yourself! Jxo

  7. You can do this, especially as the boys are now back to school. Great looking projects too.

  8. You have it in the bag, Di. I absolutely love your fabric pull for the tote, they look stunning together!

  9. Yes! You can do it! I am always way too ambitious and average 4 out of 6, but if its there in writing then you HAVE to get it done!

  10. Of course you can do it Di. Great list for Q1. I love how the birthday quilt is shaping up already.

  11. totally! You can do it! I love that turning 20 quilt gorgeous!

  12. You can do it!!! Hope the birthday quilt is going well?

  13. I am sure you can do it, just those beautiful fabrics should be all it takes to keep you moving. I am so glad you are joining the FAL!

  14. Love them all! If you don't like straight line quilting on the Bela how about a bit of a wiggly line as there seem to be plenty of those on the prints!

    Your son's quilt looks fab - get that one done please!