Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday sewing

Today I made two Pineapple blocks for Catherine in the Bee a Brit Stingy. These blocks are really fun to make and go together really quickly.
Pineapple Block 1

Pineapple block 2

They would be a brilliant block to use if you wanted to make a cushion. These are now in the post so that is my Bee blocks finished for May. In addition you can also make 3" (approx) HST blocks with what is cut off when making the corners - bonus!

Added HST blocks
My main focus today has been to start making a 3/4 size weekender bag. This is intended as a present, so I need to get it started if it is going to be finished in time. My plan is to use panels of fabric and then FM quilt them, rather than doing a QAYG straight line method. My reasoning is that it might be quicker (if I don't unpick too much) and I keep putting off doing any FMQ and I have to start at some point. Each project seems too precious to muck up but I do have to bite the bullet at some point so today was the day!
The fabric that I have bought for this project are below.
Fabric choices for a 3/4 sized weekender bag
I will do a little FMQ practice before I reveal how I get on. I would like to progress this project along this weekend but it is looking as if sewing time will be short. I will be back on Monday to show you what I have accomplished.

Have a good weekend.
Di x


  1. Some really great choices, and i think you're right about the quickness of wholecloth fmq instead of qayg, good luck! :o)

  2. Good luck with the FMQ. I have had a go at times, but I think it needs repeated practise to get really good!

  3. Loving your fabric choices. Good luck with your FMQing

  4. Go for it! Love the fabrics! Jxo

  5. Yay - jump on the FMQ choo choo of fun! Once I got over the weirdness of being able to move the fabric in any direction, I found it quite liberating! Looking forward to seeing your FMQ journey x

  6. Great blocks for Catherine! Those are gorgeous fabrics for your gift bag, bright and fun. Ihope you and FMQ have fun together this weekend!

  7. Oh I love those blocks, the colours are gorgeous, thank you. Have fun with the fmq!

  8. ooooo there's no stopping you now with the weekender bags. Good luck with the FMQ and three quarter sizing, I wonder if it's easier or more tricky to make it smaller?? Happy weekend x

  9. I love the blocks for Catherine and can't wait to see photos of the bag - it's going to be wonderful!

  10. Nice block, and a 3/4 Weekender, no stopping you now eh!?