Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Happy post

Look what popped through my letter box this morning.
Sue, of the Kinky Bee, sent me some lovely red scraps of fabric. I had mentioned that I had a dearth of red fabric when we met up last Saturday.

Thank you Sue for your kindness and thoughtfulness in sending these large 'scraps' to me. I will use them.
Di x


  1. It's funny, reds and purples are what I have least of too! Jxo

  2. Good "true reds" as I call them are really elusive. What a lovely thoughtful scrap package.

  3. I'm with Sarah, really good reds are hard to find! :o)

  4. How lovely. Sue is so kind and generous.
    They are some great reds too.

  5. I see fried eggs! Great reds there - I can't seem to buy bright reds - my stash has darker ones veering towards crimson