Thursday, 17 October 2013

A New Kid on the (Bee) Block

…well perhaps not a kid, but definitely a new woman in  Brit Bee.

Our  sassy friend, Terri, is stepping down from the sewing part of Brit Bee  I have been nominated to fill her ginormous shoes. This is both exciting and terrifying. Terrifying, as Terri is irreplaceable and I only hope that my sewing is up to scratch. Exciting, as the bee is trying something new this round and I am going to be part of it.

So the mission this month was to select our colours and make a sashed star block. I have taken ages agonising about what colours to select as my inspiration and hopefully to act as a reference point for my fellow bees. 

So my colours that I have chosen are greens/pinks/soft terracottas/yellows/greys as the seeds designs above. I would also like a splash of aqua to mix it up a little too.
Fabric colours for Brit Bee
The colours were hard to choose. I wanted colours that would fit into either my bedroom or living room. After consultation with Younger Son and Hubby it was decided that these  colours would be perfect. We have apple trees in the garden so my son thought that those colours would be apt.

I found choosing the actual star pattern relatively easy . I have used a star from the Solstice Star Series from the Fresh Lemons blog. It is aptly called Star of Mystery. 
Star of Mystery for Brit Bee
This quilt will be growing month by month but until it comes back to me it will be a mystery as to how it will be completed. I love the idea of a little mystery incorporated into sewing.

I am going awol for the next 10 days, as I go on my travels, but keep an eye out for me in Northern Ireland!
Di x


  1. Smashing colour choice, Di. Very pretty.

  2. Lovely star! Terri is irreplaceable, so just think of it as finally getting your turn!

  3. I didn't think T's feet were that big! LOL! Gorgeous star block! See you on the other side! Jxo

  4. What a brilliant star and I love your colour choices too. You will be a great addition to the Brit bee team, have fun!

  5. Very exciting news, and a great choice of fabric and pattern!

  6. Love your fabrics and your star! I still can't decide on mine!

  7. Love your stars. Can't wait to see it up close and pesonal, which I think will be very, very soon for me.

  8. Fabulous choice of star and fabric

  9. excellent choices and great star

  10. Great colours. Wow, what an intricate star. Well done.