Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Sew it Together Bag

I bought this fab 'Sew it Together Bag' pattern way back in October from Sew Demented and dearly wanted to sew this bag up straight away. In between illness, catching up with bee blocks and Christmas sewing, I never got time to make it.

I did read reviews on this bag and tried to figure out how to put the bag together by googling other people's photos. The instructions are often difficult to follow and there are only a couple of diagrams to go on. If you decide to make one though, don't be put off as it is an awesome bag to both make and use.

I used a mini charm pack that my bee mate Rachel, gave to me back in July at the FQ Retreat, to make the outside piece of the bag. I then quilted this to make a firm piece of fabric for the outer piece.
Sew it Together bag in progress
The end result is a bag with four open pockets and three zippy pockets.
Sew it Together bag
It is a brilliant bag for carrying around a hand stitching project as it has ample of room to store everything you might need. When the outer zip is open it enables the pockets to concertina outwards so that you can see inside the pockets.
Sew It Together Bag
I just LOVE this bag.

I liked it so much, that I have made another one. My sister-in-law has a birthday between Christmas and New Year so I decided that as a sewist she might like one too. I  have made this second one using some scraps and linen. I learnt a few things when I made my first bag, so this second one came together much faster. We are sharing New Year's Eve together so I can give it to her then.
Sew It Together Bag 2
So that is the last of my sewing of 2013 to show you . I hope that 2014 will bring you many blessings and joy.

Di x


  1. That looks very useful indeed Di ! Hoping for a fab 2014 for you!

  2. Lovely bag Di. Hoping that 2014 is filled with blessings for you and your loved ones. Xxx

  3. I love both versions. It sure looks like it would be a fun and useful bag to have, a great present.

  4. Great bag Di-all those zipper's!!

  5. Oh I want one of these! I saw the pattern but heard it's a bit tricky to put together towards the end so I haven't dared. I now know that I can call on you if I get stuck though.

  6. Cute bag, that!
    and I am glad you found a use for those minis!

  7. It looks fantastic. I made one this year (last year?) and it was a bit tricky to put together but the results were worth it.

  8. That's an amazing bag....I've never seen one like it before.

  9. Hi Di....I was doing a search on quilting bees in Lincolnshire and found your lovely, it would seem that I have found another fabric addict in Sleaford!! Sarah xo

  10. Not sure how I missed this post! That's one totally cute and practical bag! Well done. Jxo