Friday, 6 December 2013

More Secret Sewing and a Christmas Market

There is plenty of sewing going on in these parts but it is secret sewing so I cannot give you more than a glimpse of my endeavours.

First up, I finished my cushion for the BritBee Christmas swap. My partner gave a good brief which helped enormously in deciding what fabric to choose. I hope that she won't be disappointed when she opens the package. It is always hard choosing for someone else.

Binding been made.
 I never normally quilt the back of my cushions but as it was for someone else I decided to have a go at it. If you notice there is a bit of a Christmas colourway going on here.

This cushion is all ready to be packaged up and sent on it's way to it's new home. Fingers crossed that the recipient will like it!

I have also taken a leaf out of Cindy's book and copied emulated her in making some hand warmers. They are really quick and easy to make. I gave them a trial run yesterday evening when I went to the Lincoln Christmas Market. They don't keep the heat for too long but they are lovely and tactile and most importantly kept my fingers warm.
Christmas present hand warmers
The market was really fun to go to. It was cold, but not too cold, and the wind had dropped significantly from earlier in the day. It was very pretty with lots of Christmas lights and the the Cathedral bells ringing out across the night. 
The market runs to Sunday but Thursday is for the locals so no coaches are allowed on this night. It makes it far less frenetic, and although there were lots of people last night, there wasn't the big crowds you get on the other days. It was a really lovely evening out. I am beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas… which is a good thing as when I was in London on Wednesday Younger Son put up the Christmas tree up. He knows that I don't like it up before the 15th/16th so he was delighted to dupe me. It still needs to be dressed so I reckon that will be a job for Sunday. I cannot believe that he did it…. or perhaps I can. He did give a a cheeky grin and a wink when I saw it.

That tree!
Today I have been doing more secret sewing on the December round of the Britbee quilt. It arrived here yesterday and today I have added the next round to it. I will be giving it to Susan tomorrow, at the Britbee get together for her to work her magic on it, in January. 
Jude's quilt
So that is what I have been doing the past couple of days. I have a long list of Christmas sewing to get on with but that is for another day

Di x


  1. Eeek! I can see my medallion there! But I don't think the cushion is for me!! It's funny cos I've had a naked Christmas tree in my lounge all week! Jxo

  2. Such loveliness. I've never been to Lincoln Christmas markets. Now I need to go!

  3. I am not good with all this secret sewing everybody's doing. I want to see!!! (I need ideas too and it would help to see other gorgeousness before January!) Happy tree decorating, we plan to do ours tomorrow afternoon too.

  4. I too have a tree up that has not been decorated, that is this afternoon's job.

  5. I went to the Lincoln Christmas market about 6 years ago, had a lovely day out. We are doing our tree today. Don't usually do it so eayrl but seeing as I am not whee I am supposed to be this weekend...!