Friday, 20 December 2013

More present making...

I have been beavering away this week making presents. These are not on my present list but rather on Younger Son's present list. He commissioned me to make two zipper purses for friends and a birthday card for a third friend. I hope that the girls will like them.

Younger Son chose the fabric, buttons and zip combos and I had the fun of doing the sewing.

The Birthday card is based on the idea of our Bee a Brit Stingy swap. I used both linen and Liberty fabric as well as doing a little free motion writing.

I still haven't cracked the envelope as it isn't coming out just right, however as Younger Son was happy with it, I didn't worry too much as time is at a premium at the moment.

Hopefully I will get the last of my secret sewing finished this weekend.

Di x


  1. Great job, elfin mum! Inspired by the wee purse you mademeI tried the pattern again for a secret Santa last weekend. I really just don't seem to find it that easy for some reason, so I am very impressed with your lovelies.

  2. I think its fabulous that he asked you to make them: and you have done him proud x

  3. lucky ladies! I hope they appreciate the unique nature of their gifts!

  4. Great wee gifts! I'm sure they will be loved and appreciated! Jxo

  5. Like Catherine I think it's great that your son likes what you make enough to ask you to make them for his friends. I always think our kids are our greatest critics, so nuff said!

    They are lovely. The envelope looks great to me, I think you are hard on yourself!!

  6. What a lovely Mum you are! Lovely gifts x