Sunday, 2 February 2014

Farewell to January 2014

I am linking up with Lily's quilts fresh sewing day. I haven't done this for a month or two several months, but I did get a few finishes in January. January isn't my favourite month but to be fair it is getting lighter in the evenings, and whilst it is cold and dull, it is good for sewing output.

So what have I been up to…
                                                  Well there were bee blocks

The top right one is my chosen one that the hipBees will be making me in February.

I have also been finishing projects. 

I finally turned these cushion tops into finished cushions. My husband has commandeered the economy square cushion.

I also pulled out last year's hipBee quilt and finished the top by making many, many flying geese. 

My aim is to start quilting this quilt in the coming week. I think that I have a plan for this...

I have finished three secret projects that hopefully I can reveal to you all in February.

I know that my list isn't long but it feels good to have moved some projects on and completed a couple too.

So what did you make in January?
Di x


  1. Well done you :) Love your hipBee quilt - so pretty!

  2. You had a nicely creative January. Looking forward to seeing those geese finished - those blocks drove me to extortion if you recall!

  3. Good progress, and some pretty projects, lets hope February is aproductive month too :o)

  4. Quite a productive month by the looks of it!

  5. Love your choice of bee block, that'll make a great quilt. And I don't blame your husband for hogging the economy block cushion, it's gorgeous!

  6. You had a beautiful January! I love each block and project.

  7. Well I think that's productive enough! I've not quantified mine.... but I think it's just one quilt and a simple bag!

  8. just found you via Sara, please could you tell me about bee block as I think I would like to take part