Sunday, 26 February 2012

Catching up with blocks

This past week has been really busy. I have had a lot of non-quilting things happening and have also been to two quilting classes and a quilting group. 

My weekly Thursday morning group meets at a local quilting shop (LQS). There are six of us, but we are rather cramped for room. It is really difficult to cut out using a rotary cutter and ruler as space on the table is limited. This also means that all sewing is done by hand. I really enjoy my group and we have a lot of fun, but because of space I tend to cut out at home so end up doing no sewing in class. I don't mind sewing by hand but far prefer using my machine as it is faster and I just like using my machine! I have been running behind due to half term and life just being busy - I'm 4 blocks behind.  It is getting unmanageable, so I declared today a 'Sewing Day' to my family. I have managed to complete two blocks.
54/40 Height
The first block is called 54/40 Height and this went together pretty quickly. The second block  has taken me nearly three hours and it still isn't perfect but I am ready to throw the towel in as it has been a real tussle to get it together. It is called Pigeon Toes but I think it should be called Pie Eyed!
Pigeon Toes
I knew that the Pigeon Toes would be a 'beast' so before I started it I put a couple of blocks together for my monthly Friday group. This group is machine sewing and is much more my thing. Last Friday when we met, no one could find the key of the Youth Centre where we meet. To cut a long story short we ended up at the LQS, but there were 12 of us crowded in! We cut out for two blocks and at lunchtime called it a day as there was no where to set up our machines. Our poor teacher was really apologetic but it was not really her fault. So today I put these blocks together.
Half Square Triangles block

Quarter square triangles block

I really like using the machine as we are learning how to do HST by sewing diagonally across two squares and then cutting. Similarly, we are doing quarter square triangles using the same technique. It is more my thing as it is relatively quick and we use short cuts! I have now got another two blocks cut and some piecing done on them. 

All in all, the pressure is lifting. I have two outstanding blocks to make for my Thursday group but they will have to wait til Tuesday. 

The light has gone, it is getting colder and now it is time for tea by the fire.
Di xo


  1. Di, It looks like the day was a sucess! The blocks are beautiful. My favourite is the Quater Square triange blocks. Love the contrast in colours.

  2. I agree, the quarter square triangle block is really eye catching!

  3. Love the 54/40 height block! Any idea why that name?!

  4. Your blocks are so neat. I like all of them, the colours work well together.

  5. Love the colours in your blocks