Monday, 20 February 2012

Half term hols

I have had a lovely time away seeing my parents and my brother’s family. My boys particularly enjoyed spending time with their cousins. My niece passed her driving test in December, so she drove my boys and her brother out to Wilfs at for lunch.  My SIL and myself went separately. It was kind of scary seeing our children go off together. I guess we Mums still think of them as our children and not as young adults. 

As a consequence of not having time to sew I have no new project to show, so instead, I thought that I would show you some of the blocks I have made at my patchwork class. Inspired by this book Material Obsession Two 

I decided to use dotty fabric as a neutral. This is kind of an experiment and definitely out of my comfort zone. I was thinking that if the quilt goes well (don’t look too closely at the last block!)  I might make it bigger, and give it to my parents for their Golden Wedding anniversary in September. I think that it will depend upon how it goes. 

I really enjoy going to my P&Q class. It boosts my morale as I am the youngest (at 47yrs!) and the ladies are so nice. We always have great fun and laugh an awful lot. Most sewing tends to go on outside class as time does tend to evaporate. I am woefully behind, as I missed last week’s class, and haven’t done my homework from the week before. I think that I will be in trouble.
My husband had to work half-term so he couldn’t go away with us, but he did prime the boys to give me his Valentines Card and buy flowers for me on the day. I think that they did pretty well as spring flowers are my favourite.

Well that is a précis of my non-sewing week. Fun was had, but we are now back into the normal routine of school / work / etc.
Di xo


  1. Sounds like a fun week! I love your blocks and the way you used the dotty fabric as the background!

  2. Glad you had a great week Di! Would you recommend the book? Your blocks are fab and the dotty background really works. Enjoy having routine back! Jxo

  3. lovely blocks - I like the cool minty colours!