Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Psychedelic quilting

Last week I went to theCountry Roads’ Quilters Group. I made contact through Flickr with one of the organisers, so last Tuesday I headed 30 miles eastwards to the flatlands of Lincolnshire. The group is held at one of the member’s (T) home, which is very much off the beaten track. The ladies there made me feel really welcome and I had a great day. I went with no pre-conceptions and I didn’t really know what I was going to. It was a bit of an adventure! I also felt as if I had been to Holland for the day as I went past two windmills, over a couple of canals and along roads that were plumb line straight. It definitely felt as if I was on holiday!
There were many talented quilters at the Country Roads group so I made sure that they knew that I was a newbie to P&Q. The upshot of this approach was that myself and another woman (K) were encouraged to try the Fat Quarter Frenzy pattern. T then proceeded to pull out boxes of fabric and encouraged K and myself to help ourselves to some fabric samples. I was quite overwhelmed with T’s kindness. 

Spurred on by the eclectic choice of fabric, I decided that I would try colour combinations that I wouldn't normally go for, as it was a day for getting out of my comfort zone.

Feeling the vibe
This is what I have made....I have been having a little fun with some psychedelic fabrics. 

I've got that 70's feeling! 
I think that this is definitely Flower Power 1970’s. It doesn’t go with anything in my home but it is certainly a splash of colour. It could well end up as a quilt for using in the garden or on the beach.

I now need to think how to quilt it. I would really like to do a stippling on it but I think that I will need to practice first. I will probably retreat to straight line quilting as it is easier. There is meant to be a border but I think that it would detract from the craziness of the colours. What do you think I should do? Let me know.
Di xo


  1. I love that paisley print! And as it was made on a day that seems to be all about stepping out of your comfort zone it seems that a bit of stippling would fit in nicely!!

  2. So great that you had fun and tried something new Di! Fab!

  3. Love, love, love this! Your bravery has paid off - all the colours and pattern totally work. I don't think it needs a border at all! Well done! Jxo

  4. I can vouch for the '70' look first hand, I was there and still have the Kaftan and Laura Ashley fabric.
    I think you should please yourself sewing the quilting.
    It will look lovely in the garden.

  5. What a fresh bold looking quilt! I don't think it needs a border, and being so bold could take any sort of quilting you could pick!

  6. Your visit with the quilters sounds like such fun!! I've been attending a few gatherings/
    meetings lately with other quilters and it has been so inspiring. I love your psychedelic creation, but have no suggestions (other than listen to the others). But I do look forward to seeing how it turns out!!