Monday, 13 February 2012

Silent stitch-ing

Apparently my blog post title about quiet stitching along with the mouthy quilters breached a trademark. In an effort to change the title I wiped my post! C'est la vie! so now I have an altered post title and no post. Grrr. Di do


  1. The only tip I can give you on zip ends is when you are pinning the two outer layers together and the two lining layers - for that final bit of sewing before you turn it the right way out - fold your zip end in half and pin it down snugly on the lining side of things. Then when you turn it the right way really get into those corners and push them out. Otherwise, I think your pouch looks brilliant and you should have signed up for the swap!

  2. Shame you didn't sign up for the swap Di! There are lots of folks trying out the zips for the first time, so you wouldn't have been alone. I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough to spot why your zips ends are differing at each side. Hope someone else can help!

  3. It's a beautiful pouch! When you add the sip ends made sure your zip is shorter than your pouch, you know you don't have to use all the zip, this way your ends will be on top. Hope that makes some sense :)

  4. What Trudi and Susan said, and I think you have made a lovely pouch. Keep going - each one is better than the one before............

  5. Silent Stitches is a registered trademark and may not be used without permission.

    1. I was not aware that my blog post title infringed your trademark. I will change my blog post title to comply.