Friday, 16 March 2012

A little bit of sewing...

This week has been zipping by and I have done very little sewing. I have been revisiting a few projects, for example, I have made myself a sewing roll  from Zakka Style. It is exactly the same as the one that I made my Mum, ready for Mothering Sunday this weekend. 
My sewing roll

My sewing roll
I am halfway through making another Ruby tumbling block cushion to match my first one

Ruby Ruby cushion Version 2

We have recently had new sofas (our last ones were really uncomfortable and getting really old) so I want to make some new cushions. 

I am also prepping some 9" sandwich blocks of calico and wadding, ready for next Tuesday as the Country Roads Quilters have a workshop with Angela Daymond called "Stitching for Texture". I will reveal all next week, as I'm not sure as to what exactly we are doing!
Lots of calico squares
Nicki, from mrsssewandsow blog has been encouraging me to do a little hand sewing. I am on my way to finishing this Rose Star Block. Nicki reckons that they are addictive, but I am not so sure! I will keep going though...
Rose Star Block

This weekend we have my folks staying, there is County Jazz Band for elder son, and friends for dinner on both Friday and Saturday evening. I think that if I am not in the car, then I will be in the kitchen!!! I am not a great lover of cooking (I would rather be sewing or reading) so I am going now to cook!

Have a great weekend.
Di xo


  1. The workshop sounds interesting, I can't wait to hear about it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your weekend sounds full. Enjoy - despite the cooking. Look forward to see the results of the workshop.

  3. Ruby cushion is looking delicious! Hope you have a lovely w/e with your folks. Jxo

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    1. At first I said sewing wasn't my favorite activity...I wanted to say cooking isn't my most favorite activity! It sounds like you will have a fun yet busy weekend. Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like a busy weekend for you Di. Love the sewing roll. I joined the flickr group for the Rose Star but yet to make one.

  6. Hi Di! - I'm Jenn from Sewlandia and I have awarded you and your blog the Liebster Award :) Here is the link telling you what it is - and what to do next!