Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Surprise Win

I am not known for winning any raffle, competition, giveaway etc. 

If our family ever want a chance to win, we always leave it to my younger son as he seems to have the knack (I know about statistical significance etc. but I am talking about perceptions here!). His last win was a £100 worth of driving lessons that he promptly gave to his elder brother for his 17th birthday. See what I mean....

So to say that I was surprised that I have won a giveaway is an understatement, but I have won the recent Very Berry Handmade Blog giveaway. This comprises of a gorgeous set of kitchen storage tins and lovely little pack of ribbons and trims.
(Photo from © DotComGiftShop)

(photo © DotComGiftShop)
I want to thank Ali for hosting the giveaway and for picking my number. Who says it is only younger son that wins anything? My number certainly came up this week!

Di xo


  1. Wow - well done, that is a great win..... those tins are so cute, and that ribbon will be well used in your projects I am sure xx

  2. What a lovely giveaway to win. Well done Di.

  3. Fabulous win. Enjoy the tins and ribbon!