Monday, 27 August 2012

BQS3 - adding the little bit extra

I entered the Brit Quilt Swap Round 3 back in July. I  checked out my partner's mosaic and  her blog. I ordered fabric and came up with this. I thought that it looked like bubbles coming out of the deep.
Mini Quilt made for the BQS3
My plan was to make my swap mini before the school holidays so it would take a lot of pressure off me at the end of our holidays. The plan worked as it was all made before the school holidays began. In the back of my mind, I knew that I needed to do an 'extra' too. The posting date is this week and until this morning I have had no 'extra' made. So today, I have been busy sewing a zippy pouch. I have so enjoyed making it. I used just odd pieces of fabric mixed with some linen. So here it is…
Front of zippy purse
 I have embroidered my partner's blog name in the middle of the front panel. You didn't think that I would show you that part did you? 

Back of zippy purse
I sewed down each side of every seam to make the whole pouch firm whilst also giving it a 'sharp' look.
Here is a peek inside... 
Inside the zippy purse

So partner, I hope that you will like this 'extra' as well as the mini quilt. I will be putting it in the post in a couple of days time and then scanning Flickr and your blog to see when it arrives with you.
Di xo


  1. It is lovely - I love a linen and scrappy pouch - yum!

  2. Super extra - nice and cheerful fabrics for a fun swap!

  3. I LOVE your quilt: you have a very lucky partner. The pouch is fantastic too, great that you have added her/his name

  4. Lovely! It's so funny as I have quite a few of the fabrics you used in the pouch. So if it comes my way I can tell you already that I love it ;-) Very lucky partner.

  5. Between the mini and the pouch your partner will be over the moon.

  6. I love the mini, the quilting is just perfect. And a lovely pouch to go with it.

  7. love the pouch and obviously the mini! x

  8. that's such a great extra and you're such a tease too!