Saturday, 4 August 2012

The holidays are here

This past week I have been 'not camping' at New Wine. The Newark show ground is just 20 minutes from home so I left my men with the tent and went home every night for a good night's sleep and a warm shower! We returned home late last night and the washing machine has been whirling for the last 16 hours! 

I may have been away from my sewing machine for a week, but on Thursday I did manage to get a place at the art tent for a 'Sew, hook & needle' session. Ah... it was just so nice to be able to chill out and do a little hand sewing. We made a needle book made from old material and a recycled blanket. 
Work in progress
Old blanket being used for the leaves
Three completed needle books (mine is in the middle)
We are packing up again, to travel north tomorrow, for our holiday in Cumbria. It will be different this year as our elder son won't be with us. My husband only has a week off so I am going to stay a second week, on my own, so that I can see my family and also collect  our younger son at the end of the second week from his Venture camp in north Cumbria. I know that it will be quiet without my men during the second week but there is a silver lining. I am going to be meeting up with Sarah & Catherine for a 'Girls and Sewing' day as we are all on holiday/seeing family that week within a stones throw from each other. I might have slow internet access with my iPad but unfortunately I won't be able to blog whilst I'm away. Hopefully I will be able to use Blogger if the download time isn't too frustrating. If you have a holiday planned I do hope that it won't rain on you!
Di xo


  1. Enjoy your break, it'll be fun meeting up with the girls, say hi to Catherine from me.

  2. Love your needle case! Have a wonderful holiday,and have a fun sewing day! X

  3. Hooray for the holidays - counting the days!

  4. So glad the non-camping worked out perfectly! Have a wonderful holiday in Cumbria! Jxo

  5. oh have a lovely time!!! love those little needle cases so awesome.

  6. Cute needlebooks! And have fun up North! You are an ambassador of sewing as you seem to meet some sewing blogger wherever you go!