Sunday, 26 August 2012

Golden Quilt update

Thanks for all your comments on the quilt that I have been making for my parents. I have been steaming along with it and now have machine quilted around each block. I am now shadow quilting in each block with embroidery thread.

I have completed hand quilting the pigeon feet block
Pigeon feet block with hand quilting
Quilting detail
 And the second block to get the treatment is this one based on a variation of Sawtooth Star
Sawtooth Star
Quilting detail

So that is 2 done and 10 to go!
Di xo


  1. Stick with it my friend, you'll get there! My husband says I'm birdist about pigeons, but really that block should have a prettier name than the pigeon feet block.

  2. Keep going you've made a really good start!

  3. I spy a bit of Dolce by Tanya Whelan - I have a project in progress with this fabric in it! Love the soft aquas and turquoises in this quilt. Your quilting is looking lovely!

  4. Keep going, it is going to look amazing