Friday, 23 November 2012

Bits and pieces

I have had a week of just doing bits and pieces of sewing. I haven't really completed any project, either big or small. 
Yesterday I was in London and made a little detour to the Cloth House. I really like this shop as it has a plethora of choices of all types of fabric. In the remnants basket I spied some useful pieces of fabric that were begging to be bought!
Cloth House finds
On the left is some shirting material. This is going to form part of my hipBee challenge when I get to be Queen Bee in February.On the right, is a heavier duck cotton fabric that I am going to use at a class I am attending next March. So I am definitely "Mrs. Prepared" for next year!

I also had a wander around Liberty and John Lewis. I live in the backside of nowhere rural Lincolnshire, so bear with me as it is a real treat to see nice things in 'real life' and not just on the internet. InJohn Lewis' craft department there was a big table and on it was a quilt/table runner do you recognise a little DS going on here?
John Lewis fabric department
John Lewis fabric department
What I was after though was a little more fabric to make another slouch bag using Judith's fab patternI just love using the one that I have made but it is too 'sunny' against my dark coat and I reckon that I need a more 'sober' one. I have scoured the local market for a printed cord or a tweed but have not found anything that really grabbed me.

Slouch bag - the first one
As I wandered around the John Lewis fabric department I spied a fabric that I KNEW would make the type of bag that I would like. It has a sober background but has flashes of colour
Fabric for a new slouch bag 
The left hand fabric will be the lining and the grey background fabric on the right is going to be the outside of the bag.

Another piece of 'bits' is my LynneBobSquarePants block for Catherine. Catherine is our Queen Bee in the hipBees this month. Our bee is very good at getting the blocks finished by the 2nd or 3rd of the month so as it is now the 23rd I am feeling very 'late' in getting this block put together. It will be sent before the 30th though, even if I sit up late and do it one evening! I am meant to be the Mama of this bee so I am not going to let the side down!
A LynneBobSquarePants block for Catherine in progress
I have a 'to do' list going as well, so my aim for next week is to get down to some sewing and get some projects completed! 
Di x


  1. I like your bits and pieces Mrs. It's just plain decadent to have seasonal slouch bags you know! Though I do love your fabric choices for the second one. HSTs for Catherine's block are looking good. I had to take a wee break after making and trimming them too before I could get them all together. BTW - not so sure I like the use of the word "challenge" in ref to your Queen Bee month - what are you planning to do to us?

  2. Well, that is very prepared! Love the fabric for the slouch bag, look forward to seeing it finished
    And please don't stress over the LBSP block :-)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day out.
    I can't wait to see your Lynnebobsquarepants. I am hoping to make that block this week or next; inspired by all the hipBee ones floating around cyberworld atm. Wondering if it would be easyish to shrink it down a little. I am wanting to make tiny blocks atm.

  4. Love the new slouch bag fabric, that grey is fabulous, and the colours are a great contrast. I love a little real life shopping for fabric, and a couple of bargain remnants, what's not to love! : )

  5. I just drooled looking at the pictures of these fabrics. You are right, Di. Fabrics do beg to be bought. If you ever need anyone to testify to that fact in your defense, call me.

  6. Ooh I think I would love the cloth house. Great buys - can't wait to see your new bag

  7. I like the sound of Cloth House! And is that AMH I see there? Perfect for a slouch bag! Hope you have a lovely stitchy w/e. Jxo

  8. I was worried when you said you wanted a more sober bag, but then I saw your choices, and they are lovely. A gorgeous cheerful bag, just not quite as bright as your lovely summer bag!outside, anyway!
    And the lynnebob squares are gorgeous, aren't they! We are coming along with them!

  9. Oh that bag will be gorgeous! Lovely bits and pieces x

  10. What a wonderful shopping trip. However I don't think that wonderful AMH fabric is sober, although it is beautiful.

  11. Not sure that sober is the word to describe htose gorgeous fabrics but they will make a great bag!

    Well done hip bees for getting your blocks out quickly and come on Di you can do it!