Thursday, 29 November 2012

Catching up

This week I have been trying to catch up with my WIPs on my long 'things to do before Christmas' list. The most pressing item is my November hipBee block for Catherine. She has been very gracious and said that December would be fine but I reckon that is the way to ruin and getting behind. As I am the hipBee mama, I should be setting an example and not slacking. So as it is still November I reckon that I have just got this block finished in the nick of time. Catherine,  it will be in the post today. Phew!

State of block last night
I managed to sew the horizontal seams last night after this photo was taken, so that I could do the vertical seams this morning in daylight. I have tried to match the points perfectly but there are a couple that may have not quite reached the mark.  
All vertical seams now completed

Completed with less than perfect points!
The next Christmas WIP that I want to complete is the Christmas table runner for my dining room table. I have now completed the blocks.
Aqua/grey block

Red Block (out of focus)

Green block

I have also sewn them together and they are waiting for the next stage….
Christmas runner blocks laid out on the table
I am going to use a mini charm pack (2.5" Squares) that were in my goodie bag at the FQ retreat, mixed with some fabric from the spinning wheels, to make a scrappy border down either side of the runner. That might be a job for the weekend though…
Di x


  1. I love your block for Catherine - your points don't look bad at all! And your runner is looking great x

  2. Fab block for Catherine - points look great from here. And that table runner is going to look lovely..... many a laugh and happy moment will be shared around it at Christmas I reckon! xx

  3. Love these little windmills! You have reminded me that I only have until the end of this week to do my selvedge Bee blocks until I am officially behind - argh!

  4. Well done on getting Lynnebob finished - not a quick and easy block. And your table runner is taking shape beautifully! Jxo

  5. Good for you MamaBee - LBSQ looks great, and the points are really fab. Love that you had the cheek to tell me how ordered my stars for Jan were and then you go and place all your fabrics so NOT randomly here! (Perhaps you and I are more alike than we knew - lol.)

    Your table runner looks so festive - I think the scrappy border will be perfect for it.

  6. Love the LBSP block and can't see anything wrong with the points-thank you. And love those blocks for the table runner

  7. well done mama! it is lovely and the table runner is looking stunning!

  8. Your block is lovely! I also love that runner, it is so cheerful.

  9. Your LBSP block looks fab to me. And the table runner is fun too.