Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Catching up.. a post of randomness

I had a really nice weekend this past weekend. On Saturday I was up early and caught the train up to London as I was meeting Catherine.

We had a lovely day. We went to the V&A for coffee and then we looked at the jewellery exhibition. We were both astounded at the jewellery on view and the size of some of the jewels. There are only so many things that you can absorb in a single visit so once we had reached saturation point we headed up to the centre of town and went for a very long lunch. This was followed by another tea stop interspersed with a trip to Liberty and John Lewis fabric departments!

Below is the only photo of the day taken at one of our tea stops!
Shamelessly nicked photo from Catherine's blog!
My menfolk were away for the weekend so Sunday was definitely a sewing day. I cannot show you anything yet but let us just say that quilting was completed and binding attached with the last stitch done at 01.15hrs. I was rather bog eyed at the end of my sewing marathon but it was well worth the sense of relief!

It is my turn of being Queenie of the hipBees this month. The fabric was sent out last Tuesday by second class post and in the post yesterday a lovely block was returned. Thank you Karen
HipBee block by Karen
Yesterday I had a sewing friend over and we had a morning of chatting, coffee and sewing. In my family there are a lot of birthdays this month, so I decided to sew an apron for my Dad's present. I just need to add a pocket and then it is completed.

Apron for my Dad
I also managed to complete my mat that was the sewing item we tackled when the Stitching it Together group met last month at Tanya's. It is made entirely out of scraps that I had been given by Trudi.
I also want to show you my haul of treasure that I found in a charity shop last week. There are lots of zips here and they were bought for the princely sum of £2.99! Some I don't see a use for, but many are very useable so I am rather pleased with my find.
Zips Galore
And finally just a little hint -  my 1st blogging anniversary is tomorrow so there just might be a giveaway for my lovely followers.

Di x


  1. Fun, friends and bargains, looks like a great week to me! : )

  2. It sounds as if you had a great weekend. I love your charity shop find. Our charity shops never seem to have any sewing related things in them. Hurrah for lots of zips!

  3. great charity shop find! I'm glad you had fun in London x

  4. Now that's what I call a charity shop find! I hope some of those will make their way into the giveaway! Jxo

  5. Oh, I have zip envy!! You lucky girl - and after that fabulous trip, too? Harumph. Love the apron! Men are so hard to make for...

  6. Wow, look at all those zips! Your day with Catherine sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see the quilt!
    P.S. Gorgeous bee block!

  7. Oh how lovely to hang out with sewing friends - V&A, tea shops, lunch and fabric!

  8. Glad you finished your scrappy pot holder - it looks great. London sounds like lots of fun. xx

  9. So glad that the quilt got finished and your dads apron is perfect!

  10. So pleased you and Catherine had such a nice day. I would so love to go to the V&A. V nice apron for your Dad's birthday too. Is it really only a year? Feels like forever (in a good way)!

  11. How lovely to meet up with Catherjne and have a day out. I wish there were more blogs people my way to meet up with. And a fantastic charity shop find, I am always short on zips!

  12. Sounds like your London trip was lots of fun.

    What a great find in the charity shop. Zippadeedodah :0)

  13. I can see lots of triple zippy pouches on your gift list now!