Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ransomed geese and winners

Imagine my shock when I read this ransom note.

A ransom note posted!

My Ruby geese have been ransomed for chocolate, This naughty woman just won't give them back! What should I do? Hold out or send chocolate? I decided that I really wanted those geese to fly home across the Irish Sea so yesterday I posted a package.

Yes, the ransom has been paid but will my geese be released? Watch this space or this space!

Yesterday I was out and about, so imagine my surprise when in the evening, after lighting the fire and settling down on the sofa to read my emails and blogs etc. I opened an email from Helen at Indianna Dreams to say that I had won her Liberty Love giveaway of Liberty 10" squares. I was so surprised and delighted. Thank you so much Helen. I love Liberty fabrics.
Lovely Liberty Squares (Photo taken from Indianna Dreams blogsite

They say that what goes around, comes around so I think that my Blog anniversary giveaway winner should be announced. I have made a triple zippy bag out of some postal themed fabrics. 
Front of triple zippy bag

Back of triple zippy bag

So who is the winner?
Mr Random Generator has spoken…. 

The winner is number 4 who is Sarah aka that naughty woman I cannot believe it! It has taken all my sense of fairness not to generate another number! The cheek of the woman! Hijack my geese and then win my giveaway!

I guess I've known you a little over a year since you were leaving kind comments on my blog before you took the plunge yourself. Been a lovely journey with you. Here's to loads more stitchy sharing, laughs and parenting advice from one who's wearing the t-shirt ahead of me! Happy Blogiversary and Happy Birthday for tomorrow too!

Congratulations Sarah. This triple zippy pouch will be winging its way to you once the geese arrive at mine!!!!!!!!! 

Di x


  1. Ha ha! The irony! That is a cool ransom note though. I hope you get your geese back!

    Love all that yummy fabric x

  2. Oops, I guess I'd better behave now that I'm a winner of that amazing triple zippy pouch. Wow wow wow!!! Really, are you sure? I love it and it's so exciting to be a winner, especially when I've been so cheeky and don't deserve it!

    Guess I'm gonna have to send those geese back now then, esp since there's chocolate on the way and you aren't releasing the pouch til I do - smarty! (Do you think I could kidnap all the hipbee blocks just to score extra chocolate? - I could be on to a winner there!)

    Thank you for such a fab giveaway win, my lovely friend!!!

  3. Exciting stuff going on over at your house - ransom notes!! Too funny! Well done Sarah too for winning your lovely zipzippy pouch!

  4. You do indeed live a very exciting life - hope the geese fly home and congrats to Sarah!

  5. hahaha - that is so funny!! I can speak from first hand knowledge that the pouch is going to be fantastic: Sarah will have one zip for each bar of chocolate

  6. Ha ha, I'd hold on to the bag until Sarah sends you more chocolate!

  7. Ha, ha, that is hilarious, and incredibly ironic that she should win your giveaway! Enjoy your winnings from the lovely Helen : )

  8. A ha ha haaa!!! She totally deserved to win for that note. Genius!

  9. Shocking! Hijacking for treats and then the audacity to claim winnings! ingrates Sarah! Better get those geese a flying home!

  10. LOL! Congrats to Sarah! How funny! I'm delighted for her! And well done on your own lovely winnings!Jxo

  11. I laughed so hard when I first saw Sarah's ransoms note. Great ploy to get chocolate that I must remember, so pleased to see her win a giveaway.

  12. Too funny that things worked out this way. Great pouch btw too!

  13. So funny! It's always the "quiet" ones that you have to keep an eye on ;)