Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bee quilt from the Stingy Bees

If you are in a bee, each month you make your blocks, check the sizing and make sure you have followed the brief, before you put them in an envelope and visit the Post Office to put them in the post.
I try and get my bee blocks done early in the month so that I am not under pressure at the end of the month. It doesn't alway work like that but that is always my aim.

In the Bee a Brit Stingy bee, I was the April Queen bee and I asked the bee to make me some 'sprouts' although in my head I think of them as Orla Kiely leaves (far nicer)!
My leaves
Well the ladies did me proud and made me lots of leaves. I added a few more and 'hey presto' my quilt top was done.
Quilt top
I knew that I had a couple of metres of fabric that would help make a nice pieced black.
Sizing up the backing
This quilt came together really quickly and I was pleased that I had the forethought to ask the bee to make their signature block as a leaf, as I think that they look really cool on the back.

This quilt is really wide as I want it to drape over a kingsize bed however this presented a quilting problem - it is really large to tackle the quilting under my sewing machine arm. I solved the problem of how to do the quilting by asking my good friend Trudi,who happens to be a very talented short arm quilter, if she would do the quilting for me. Trudi did a fantastic job on the quilting by using different colour threads across the quilt. It has an amazing leaf deign running up each column that spills over onto the negative space.
So after all my rambling here is my fantastic Stingy Bee quilt.
The front

The back with the signature blocks
My leaves quilt
I cannot emphasise enough how much I L.O.V.E this quilt. It is made for me by my bee mates and quilted by my lovely friend , Trudi. How lucky am I ? It is on our bed, and every time I catch a glimpse of it, it gives me a warm fussy feeling.
A big thank you to the Bee a Brit Stingy gang and of course Trudi.
Di x


  1. It's a stunner! I love how the quilting emphasises the design of the blocks. I thought you were going to give me some pearls of wisdom about quilting a big quilt for a minute - damn! XXX

  2. It's a fabulous quilt and such wonderful friends who put it all together...and of course masterminded by you. Makes me want to join a bee...maybe.

  3. Loved seeing this in real life, it really is gorgeous x

  4. They sure did a great job making blocks for your beautiful quilt!!

  5. Nothing can quite compare to seeing this for real. It's an absolute stunner. Hope the warm fuzzies continue for ages and ages. Hooray for trudi's amazing quilting too!

  6. It's one of the prettiest, no beautiful quilts I have seen in a very long time and of course T did an amazing job!

  7. This quilt is so beautiful! I am so glad I got to see it in person, what a great bee, and Trudi did such wonderful quilting too.

  8. Oh wow, it's stunning, really beautiful!!

  9. Really beautiful!
    ( woops, signed in as my daughter, )

  10. It is a stunning quilt as and even better in real life. Glad to have been a part of it

  11. Can't believe I never saw the back!!!

  12. I had so much fun quilting, and it gave me so much pleasure to quilt it for you my very dear friend :) x

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I'm starting to wonder if I'm brave enough to join a bee. Also need a Trudi in my life!!! Well done Di. Xx

  14. yippee!!! It looks just so amazing!! I'm so proud to be a small part of it and Trudi did a brilliant job. Stunning! xx

  15. I get fuzzy inside when I see it too....it is so lovely and I am very jealous of it.

  16. Gorgeous quilt! I can imagine you are happy!

  17. What a great quilt! I love the way you arranged the sprouts and Trudi's quilting is amazing...we all knew that, though! Enjoy your quilt!