Friday, 26 July 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat - part 2

Whilst at the retreat I took both Katy Jones' EPP classes. I was pleased to do these classes as I didn't have to lug my sewing machine to London (good move as it was so hot). I am, however, not that keen on EPP. It just takes more time and I find all the basting really boring. After taking Katy's classes, I think that I can say that I will never like the basting part but I have enjoyed the actual sewing part. I can see that if I think small (cushion or bag) then it is perfectly achievable, using EPP.

The first class was Spring Carnival

I didn't get too much completed as I was having a lovely time chatting with Catrin and Rachel. I finished the first circle this week. I used a candy pack of pre-cuts for the triangle and square shapes and this worked really well. I would really like to keep going and make a cushion with these blocks.

The second class was using the same templates but making a completely different pattern - Triangle City. I was quicker at the basting. so I did do a little more and have added to it since. I am really enjoying doing this one (despite the basting).
Triangle City
I also took the Eraser Stamping class. I sat next to Nicky who was really good at it. She whipped up a taxi and a London bus stamp. I made two awful stamps that even Tacha felt were irredeemable (not that she actually said it)! I eventually made a key and a very bad button stamp. I think that my future isn't in rubber stamping and definitely not in curves!!! I had a lot of fun in this class despite my poor achievements.
Rubber stamping
My final class was also with Tacha, making a flex frame pouch. I was a little late getting there and all the sewing machines were taken, so made my way downstairs to a free table and just chatted with Gertie Pye, Sarah Lou, Judith & Alice. We had a really chilled time and a little hand sewing and crocheting was going on too. So I have the fabric all cut out and ready to be made into a flex-frame purse  - another UFO!

I took part in the sample swap and made some Book of Pockets as my sample swap item. I was paired up with CarolMarguerite and Jenny and came away with these lovely items. I know that I will use each one of these and remember the ladies as I do. Thank you to you all for my sample swaps.
Carol, me, Marguerite and Jenny

Swap goodies
I also received surprise presents from Amy (Teabag holder) and Nicki (Purse).  They were totally unexpected and I love them.
Presents for me!
I also did a couple of side swaps with Nicky and Helen and received the green purse from Nicky and the tiny orange bicycle purse from Helen. Again thank you ladies. They will be well used.
Beautiful purses
So that is my final round up of Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and I cannot believe that it is all over for this year.
Di x


  1. Hi Di., it was great to meet you. Maybe next we van Talk a bit more ;-)

  2. should try sticking them down with a sew line glue pen, instead of much quicker. I learned this tip from Kerry.

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  4. I baste them by sewing the corners down over the top of the paper without going through so I don't have to unpick any basting and I can get along with fewer pieces of paper and piece as I go. Still involves basting but you might like that better? I can show you what I mean if you like when I next see you, or there's a hexy tute on my blog.

    (ignore my last comment, that's my work address and if you reply I might get in trouble!)

  5. It was so lovely to meet to Di, you really made my weekend special, thank you xx

  6. I'm so glad you missed your class because I had such a lovely chat with you! Bizarrely I like the basting of EPP and not the sewing together - perhaps we should make a cushion as a tag team!

    Love Spring Carnival & Triangle City - have been coveting them from afar for ages so think I may give in and get the templates from Katy. They are so much more interesting than just hexagons hexagons hexagons (I have been doing my hexagons for far too long...)

  7. Wow! You went home with loads of goodies! Jxo

  8. I think EPP would drive me insane!! I'm so impatient, I get sloppy if things take too long! I love the pic of you "clutching" your swaps as the treasure they are. x

  9. I love a a bit of EPP - sometimes I don't mind the basting and sometimes I loathe it but I love the stitching and the overall effect and portability :)

  10. I'm with you on the EPP, I just don't have the patience. Your triangle city one looks amazing though!

  11. I enjoy the basting and the stitching! Basting best done in front of the TV.

    Loved your key but think it is much easier to carve straight lines - my attempt at a cat was not so great!

    Wot a lot you got! Thanks for the purse pic - somehow I forgot to take one!

  12. I'm with you on not enjoying the basting but since finding the sewline glue pen (which I think someone has already mentioned!) I love EPP!!!!! Looks like you got some lovely swap items :) x

  13. I agree with Gertie, I'm glad we got to chat (even if it did mean you missing your class -sorry!) I'm impressed with your determination to finish that epp too, especially if you don't like basting!

  14. I also dislike doing EPP for anything other than teeny tiny pin cushions (hand piecing is so much easier and quicker) - yours looks lovely, though! Love your swap items!

  15. It was very lovely to meet you and I am very impressed with your EPP progress, mine is in exactly the same state it was when we finished the class and I shoved it inside my bag!

    I love the Book of Pockets that you made as swap items, that us definitely something I could do with in my life!