Saturday, 6 July 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat name tag swap - part 2

Yesterday a little parcel popped through the letterbox. On opening it, I found it contained my FQR name tag! I was so excited….
It has both my name and blog name on it…..
My FQR name tag
It has been made by Ann Majaerd. I don't have Ann's Flickr address so I cannot thank her personally, so Ann if you are reading this, a big thank you for such a nice name tag.

I also received a second parcel but I will leave that piece of news for another blog post!
Di x


  1. Lovely tag! Now you cannot get away...

  2. Wow the embroidered name is fabulous! Is that with an embroidery machine? Not long at all now is it - eek!

  3. Very professional looking embroidery! Looking fwd to seeing you again in a couple of weeks.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous stitching there! Jxo

  5. Lovely name tag! The colours are fabulous and the stitching beautiful.