Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finish A-Long 2nd Quarter

she can quilt

I feel rather embarrassed at showing you what I have achieved on my Q2 FAL List - which is here. The blog post was entitled Wishful Thinking? and how true that has been!

The first two projects are rollovers from Q1!

The first one is my Echo Quilt. This was nearly a finish in Q1. 

It is about 75% quilted so it should have been finished however it wasn't! I quilt on the dining room table as it is nice and slippy which means that I can move the quilt around easily. My table was taken over by my son for his A level studies and the quilting opportunity was lost! This will be on my Q3 list!!!

Echo quilt

The second item on my Q2 FAL list was my Union Jack quilt. Guess what? Yes really! - no further forward at all. In fact I did have a brief flirtation with moving this quilt on but couldn't find 2 of the flags and gave up for a newer, shiner project! (now found in a very safe place).

UJ Quilt
Third up was a weekender bag. Now this was a finish and I am so pleased with it. It came out really well and I am rather proud of myself in tackling this project so successfully! (well a girl needs to boost her confidence once in a while!).
Weekender bag
The final item on my Q2 list was my my hipBee quilt. Nothing was done on this either. I need to start making some more geese before this quilt becomes a reality.
Flying geese with no home!
So there you are…1 out of 4. Not a good score at all. I have done other projects along the way so I know that sewing has happened. Perhaps Q3 might bring a quilt or two to fruition!
Di x


  1. Your weekender was a great achievement. if you need more geese making, I will happily make you a couple more: just bring the fabric to London x

  2. A weekender equals at least 2 quilts in my book, you did great. I hope you are brining that bag to the retreat. And I am glad to know that I am not the only one who finds spring quilting a challenge, maybe the summer will work out better.

  3. Your weekender is so gorgeous, you should be so proud of finishing that. Your list is still better than mine as I haven't finished anything on my list. Hopefully Q3 will be better for us and we'll be able to finish everything on our lists.

  4. I agree with Leanne! Worthy of 2 quilts any day! And it's gorgeous!

  5. The weekender is a great finish, I wish mine was done!!! Well Done on the finish, and you have lots of other things instead :o)

  6. I love everything about your Weekender and would be more than happy with this one big finish.

  7. If a weekender is worth 2 quilts, my mini weekender was worth another one and a half at least. Was my bag the cause of your UJ sacrifice? Worth every minute of it if it was (she says cheekily!) You need to stake a claim on that table now that studies are finished and get your machine into overtime! Your own weekender is magnificent - a worthy finish to take pride in.

  8. One is better than none and your weekender is such a fabulous finish that I think it deserves to count as two finishes ;o)

  9. But you have made more than one Weekender, so you get bonus kudos!!

  10. It's quality not quantity. I've never done anything with my hipbee blocks either. I sort of lost interest when I laid them out and realised how many more I'd need to make in order to make even a lap quilt!