Monday, 10 September 2012

Indian summer

Our schools went back this past week and the weather is glorious. It seems such a shame that the children have to be in school. As we spent much of our last weekend culling a tree, I was promised a trip to the seaside as recompense! I have to say that it is my favourite day out. Saturday didn't disappoint either as we had blue skies and warm sunshine.
A Norfolk beach
Unfortunately, due to our grand day out, I missed the sign up for the Mouthy Stitches Round Two. I was rather sad about this but I will just watch everyone else's makes from the sidelines.
I have not been completely idle on the sewing front. I have hand quilted each of the blocks on my Golden Quilt. I cannot get a really good photo to show you the results but I think that it has made me like the quilt a little! My goal for this week is to get the binding and label done. I will feel so much better when this quilt is ready for giving to my parents.
Golden quilt
Recently I was alerted by Susan that Spoonflower were having a promotion. Susan kindly gave me a code that enabled me to buy a fat quarter with a huge discount on postage. I ended up buying this FQ for a princely sum of $2. 
Spoonflower FQ
I love the soft colours and would seriously consider buying a little more of this fabric so that I could make a quilt for my bedroom.

Di x


  1. Love the beach photos, the quilt is looking fab - and what a great Spoonflower purchase. I really need to spend more time trawling through their site looking for cool fabrics like that.

  2. Sorry you missed Mouthy Stitches,but look at that weather you got instead!
    Love your Spoonflower fq, I got mine today and am well chuffed - it was so beautifully wrapped too, considering it was such a deal.

  3. Arghhh no! I am sad that you aren't in this round of the Mouthy Stitches swap. Did you see that there is a reserves list?
    Gorgeous fabric and the quilt is coming on really well xxxx

  4. What a lovely day out - although sorry you missed mouthy stitches sign up :-( Love the Spoonflower FQ that's reminded me mine should be arriving any day now too!

  5. What a fabulous beach, whereabouts was it? I didn't sign up for this round of mouthy stitches: too much on at the moment.

  6. I missed out too on the Mouthy Stitches - you gotta be quick around here apparently!!! What a lovely looking beach. And your quilt still looks fab (and one step closer to being DONE)!

  7. Quilt is looking brilliant Di! YOur parents will be over the moon and so will you, to be done with it! Your Spoonflower fq is lovely (I ordered Tardises or is that Tardii?).

  8. Beautiful beach..... can't beat Norfolk! I missed out on mouthy stitches too - don't families get in the way hey!!!
    Lovely fabric x

  9. Love the peacocks! Could you send some of that blue sky my way please? Jxo

  10. I missed out on the Mouthy Stitchers too. I hope there will be another one soon. I ordered the Heather Ross camper vans with the Spoonflower code...but it hasn't arrived yet.

  11. I have just signed Modern She Made swap on Flickr instead.