Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Our own version of...

Our nation has been gripped by the spectacle of the Olympics followed by Paralympics. The Paralympics used to run alongside the main games (hence it's name).

My late night bloggy friend, Amy of [Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans (Amy nearly always blogs late in the evening and I am normally just having a little browse on blogger before I turn in for the night) have decided to have our own private version of Mouthy Stitches 2

This is because both of us missed out on a place in the main event, so when commiserating with each other we decided that we too could do our own small version of the swap. We are going to make the same tote bags that the Mouthy Stitches  crowd are making, but we are going to just swap with each other. I think that we are both really thrilled that we too can be part of the swap. 

Amy has named the swap the 'Paramouthy Stitches' . It could be because we are a 'Pair-of-mouthy-stitchers' but you would be completely wrong. It is because like the the Paralympics, we will be running this little swap alongside the main Mouthy Stitches event. I have just peaked at Amy's mosaic here. It looks like there are many complicated snail like blocks within it. I reckon that Amy is trying to go for Gold and want to leave me with silver.

My mosaic is below
Paramouthy Stitches swap mosaic
[Credits are at]

I have met some lovely bloggy friends through my ramblings about my sewing and one of these friends emailed me to say that she was sorry that I had missed out on the MS2 swap. She offered to make me a tote bag too. This kind and generous bloggy friend is Liz. I was so bowled over by her offer that I obviously said, very quicky, YES please. So now I have two entries in the side swap stakes. I have that warm fussy feeling inside. Thank you to both my lovely bloggy friends.

Di x


  1. Love those funky chickens. Have you seen the Syko blog - I love her birds too.

  2. You two are brilliant and this is such a good idea. You will both end up with something gorgeous!

  3. I love both of your mosaics! Especially the chickens. I think the Paramouthy Stitches sounds like a grand idea. Look forward to seeing what you both come up with!

  4. Well Di - I love your mosiac. I see wonderful colours and eeek hexagons and I love the birds (I have a soft spot for birds too)!! Can't wait to sew for you :)

  5. Isn't this community of quilters just fab! I made for Amy in the BQSR3 and she was a delight to make for! What a great idea you 2 doing your own swap! Jxo

  6. it's only cos you deserve it Di x

  7. I was gutted when you didn't get in and had a back up plan! I'm gonna stick to it! Great idea glad you are swapping with Amy!

  8. I just giggled for ages over the Paramouthy Stitchers name :). It is so cool that you are getting to swap with each other and thank you for including some of my makes in your mosaic.

  9. Great plan- I had thought I might try something like this if I didn't get in.
    Yours is a very different mosaic to Amy's. So you should produce very different bags.

    I will enjoy watching you produce secret makings for your not so secret partners...

  10. What fun - I swapped with Helen last year in the Brit Pillow fight!