Friday, 28 September 2012

Slow sewing

I feel that although I have been sewing I don't have too much that I can show you. This is because my sewing has included my swap pincushion for the Bee a Brit Stingy bee and a secret piece of sewing that isn't quite finished yet.

In the summer I decided that I had three quilts on the go and that they all needed to be finished. The first one was this one below and I am going to give to my parents this weekend as we celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Golden quilt
The second one was just in blocks. I had bought the Echo material with my Christmas money and I did a pattern called Turning Twenty. It is very simple and each piece is quite large. I like it as it really showcases the fabric. I managed to piece the blocks together in August. 
Echo quilt - Turning Twenty blocks

Echo quilt pieced

Echo quilt layered up

Straight line quilting
I have sort of stalled on this quilt as I have been distracted with new projects. I aim to just do a line or two as the mood takes me. The third quilt is still on the back burner for now.

One of the new projects I have taken up is to follow Union Jack Quilt QAL on Lynne's blog. I have made so many mistakes on my first block and I can still see that it isn't perfect but I cannot unpick it any more as the fabric is beginning to fray.
UJ Quilt flag

Detail of first UJ block

I really like the fabric that I have chosen it is a little old fashioned but the spotty fabric gives it a more contemporary feel. Unfortunately I could only obtain two of the fabrics from this collection, so I am going to repeat one of the fabrics. I am undecided as to which one it will be. I am making this quilt for me so I can change my mind if I so wish!

There will be no sewing going on at Willowbeck this weekend, as we are travelling North for our day of celebrations tomorrow, and then travelling back on Sunday morning so that the boys have time to catch up on their schoolwork. I think I might be 'car - lagged' as we will be in the car longer than we will be at the celebration lunch. We also have to fit in a quick look around a University on Saturday morning. I somehow don't think that this will be a relaxing weekend!
Di x


  1. I am seriously in love with your echo quilt

  2. They are all looking good, but especially love the Echo quilt.

  3. Wow, I love the Echo quilt. I hope you've got your waterproofs: I hear that it is raining buckets where you are headed. Hope the meal is fabulous and the weather clears up, it would be nice if you could see over the lake!!
    What uni are you stopping off at

  4. What lovely makes. That Echo quilt is fab! Hope the weather is kind to you at the weekend!

  5. Whatever happens, have fun! Enjoy :)

  6. good luck with all the business ! I love your echo quilt and your flag is awesome! no matter what you say! xxx