Thursday, 20 September 2012

New projects

Now I know that I promised myself not to start anything new, until I had finished up outstanding projects, but there is only so much of this that a girl can do in any one day. 

Quilting in rows.

Going up and down a quilt to produce rows of quilting 1/2" to 1" apart can become tedious. This is a quilt I have never blogged about so I will let you see some more photos once the sun comes out and I can get some decent photos.

To relieve the boredom I have decided to join a QAL. There are a few around at the moment and there are two that I would really like to do. I am still undecided about one but I really wanted to join the one being hosted by Lynne at Lily's Quilts. I had had the thought that I could make a giant UJ quilt for my son as an 18th birthday present until his younger brother pointed out that he wasn't very patriotic and probably wouldn't want UJs on his bed. This was a bit of a spanner in the works so I then changed tack and thought I would make it for me! It may be selfish but I really want to make this quilt. I have bought some fabric from a new fabric shop that has opened up in one of our local towns. I was quite constrained in what to choose but here are a few shots of progress so far.

Detail of first UJ
B block
Gone wrong!

As you can see, I have had a few issues with getting my UJ lined up and looking as it should be. I have had to do a lot of unpicking and also buy an extra FQ as I mucked up on the cutting (I didn't make a practise block!). All was back on track until I tried to get ahead and attach the quarters together. Yep - I have put the vertical strips over the horizontal ones and not vice versa. Guess what I was doing sitting in the car at my son's drum lesson last night!!!! I think that, in the future, I will wait for Lynne's posts before I race ahead! I am really loving this quilt as it is not made up of lots of blocks and the maths is keeping me on my toes so there is a challenge involved too. I really enjoyed making the UJ pillow cover that I started in Lynne's class at the Fat Quarterly retreat back in June.
UJ pillow cover [June 2012]
Another little project that I need to think about is the pincushion swap that the Bee A Brit Stingy  bee is going to do. Now listen up Catherine…. do you like this little selection of fabrics?
Possible fabric for a stingy pincushion swap.
We are to use fabric from our own stash and are not allowed to buy any new fabric. Well, I don't know if I have broken the rules but I did buy the floral fabric today. It isn't new fabric as I bought it at a charity shop. It is old fabric but new to me. Do you think that I will get away with it or will the Bee Mamas be after me? Help… I may be out before the bee has begun!

Di x


  1. Great work Di.
    How cute is that needle and spool fabric ♥

  2. I can't wait to see that first quilt! I'm sure charity shop finds are exempt from normal stingy rules ;o)

  3. What great WIP's - I love the selection you've chosen for Catherine - is this the sort of thing you'd like your self (she says fishing lol) I think charity shop shopping show's your thrifty brit credentials and should get you some points not see you thrown out!

  4. Ooooo is this the back of the quilt top you showed me, I hope so, it's goind to look beautiful. And do tell where the new fabric shop is....

  5. Oh you are caught missus!!
    I don't think we made a rule saying we couldn't buy......

  6. Love your UJ so far- lovely fabric. And love your pillow from retreat. I still haven't done any more to my 1/4 that I tried to sew in the class!

  7. Love your UJ - where is the new shop, need to know for the next time I am up (whenever that is!) I like the look of Lynnes QAl, but can't do anything until I am finished this final bit of studying!

  8. Oh you rule breaker you! Actually I think if you bought it for your stash then technically it wasn't bought for the Bee and should be permissible - does that justify it for you?

  9. Love your charity shop find! Can't wait to see your finished UJ quilt, if you have the patience to wait each week for the instructions!! Jxo

  10. Love your Union Jack quilt! I'd love to do one too...I've bookmarked Lynne's posts for the future :)

  11. Love the UJ, I signed up because I love it, but just haven't had the chance to make it yet, I'm thinking in the next couple of weeks I should get some time!! I like the idea that second hand fabric doesn't count in the "buying new fabric" category- I may have to use this as I've imposed a fabric buying ban on myself due to over exertion at the Festival of Quilts. Good Luck with your projects. Ange x

  12. I admire your row quilting, not sure I'd have the patience! I always seem to want to get the quilting part done ASAP so I can finish it. Your UJ is looking good!

  13. I sympathise with regards the quilting - I get bored halfway through too! I really need to learn some FMQ so can do more interesting things than just straight lines ;-)