Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bloggers in the flesh

There is a lot of chatter in Blogland about next month's Fat Quarterly Retreat in London. Flickr is a hum with news about sharing equipment, swaps etc. My secret worry is whether will I find someone to chat to or will I be in a corner on my own?... I know that there are other Bloggers out there that have similar anxieties. 

Well, I will know someone, as today I met up with another blogger, Second Chance Tan or Tanya in real life. We met this morning in a town midway between where we both live. It was a little nerve wracking as I wondered how we would recognise each other. The safety net was that we both had the other's phone number. 

The photos below are proof that we did meet up. We spent two and a half hours chatting over a couple of cups of coffee. Not bad for two bloggers who had never met before!
Here is Tanya... she is lovely!

This is me...
Here we are together...
We chatted solidly (sorry Tanya if I chatted TOO much!). It is so nice that we will both know someone when the FQ Retreat comes around. Thanks Tanya.

I'm off now to do some more quilting on my Strawberry Fields quilt.
Di xo


  1. You both look great together. I am too far to meet anyone in person before I come, I am just counting on the fact that everyone will be nice.

  2. Sounds like a good time! Isn't it the best when you connect with people with the same interests.

  3. Yeah - didn't we have a fab morning, thank you so much Di. (You did not talk too much!!) I loved getting to know you in person..... here's to the FQ retreat. x

    1. It was great fun and it was nice to talk about sewing and life in general. Thanks for a great morning!

  4. So pleased you had a good day!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful morning, I'm dead jealous!!

  6. So jealous about fq retreat!! There's always next year for me! Glad ur quilters anon 'date' went well!!

  7. Well, best we get together before 1 Jun so you know someone else too! Goodness woman you are only down the road! :)

  8. Don't you both look lovely ! Tanya made my mouthy stitches pouch for me so I am glad you posted a good pic - would love to thank her in person!

    Think how much fun we will have in June!