Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Getting acquainted

Today I have  two 'getting acquainted' to blog about...
The first is that the 'Let's Get Acquainted!' Blog Hop starts today.
Plum and June
First up are 
Kelsey from Kelsey Sews and Erin from Billy Button Designs
Go and check their blogs out and see what little project they have to share.

The second 'getting acquainted' is that I have spent a very pleasant sunny and WARM day with Trudi from Quilting Prolifically. We have chatted and admired each others handiwork, eaten and chatted some more! It will be really nice to know another person when I get to the FQ retreat in June. We have also put a date in the diary to meet up again in June. It is just great to have blogging friends turn into real life friends (so to speak!). 

I have no photo to share of any makes or works in progress, but the photo below is especially for Judith... I thought that I had better keep up with the crowd, as it is so nice here today! You can see that we have had a lot of rain as the grass is so long.
Summer is here as the nail polish is on!
Di xo


  1. I wish I lived closer to any of you. Why does no one live near me??? So not fair. But glad you and Trudi had a good time together.

  2. Love your pic - those daisies are gorgeous.

    Can't wait to meet you at the FQ Retreat xxxx

  3. It was a fab day! Look forward to FQR even more! As for Susan, she's not THAT far away! We need to pin her down too! :)

  4. Sounds like a lovely day, glad you are meeting up with lots of nice people. And glad to see the toes are out! x

  5. Woohoo for red painted toes tickling in the grass! Love daisies too! So glad you and T had a wonderful day! Only 10 days to go! jxo

  6. Sounds like a great day & sorry we too don't live closer:(