Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My name tag has arrived

I have been scouring Flickr wondering which name tag was going to be mine for the FQ Retreat in London. I have greeted my postman with a smile everyday, in the hope that he has a parcel for me. Today he did have a parcel for me...See this gorgeous speech bubble name tag - well it dropped through my letterbox this morning! It is my FQ Retreat name tag. It is just brilliant. It is so neat and has hand printing on it. 
Front of name tag

Back of name tag
Thank you so much Claudia for such a beautiful and funky name tag. Thank you for spending time and effort on making me such a cool name tag.

I cannot wait to meet you, and all the other bloggers, in London. I am so looking forward to talking 'sewing and quilting' with other people who also share a passion for sewing, fabric and quilting. 
Di xo


  1. Oh, you lucky thing - I loved this tag when I saw it on Claudia's blog!

  2. I love that tag. Luck you!

  3. What a clever design! Great name tag! Mine still hasn't arrived yet! Jxo

  4. I'll be looking out for you!