Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Modern Retro Quilt progress and Blog Hopping

My monthly machine quilting class was last week, and with some extra work over the weekend, I have managed to put the whole of the quilt top for my Modern Retro quilt together. 
Mod Retro Quilt
Mod Retro Quilt
The border is quite busy but it is balanced out by the plainer blocks. 

My aim is to try to finish this  in time to give it to my niece, as a present, for her 18th birthday which is in June. I will have a little extra time to get it completed, as we won't be able to visit until after her birthday. 
Have you noticed that this quilt was photographed against the trellis in a shadier part of the garden? I mentioned to my husband that the washing line was not the ideal place to take photos, as when the sun shines the photos look all washed out. His solution was to put some hooks along the top of the trellis for me. Genius!

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I am also going to advertise where we jump onto this Thursday. I have a really full Thursday so don't know whether I will have time to blog. So that you don't miss where to go we are due to visit, the Thursday hop the links are below. 
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My aim today is to baste my Modern Retro quilt ready for quilting next week (time too short this week!)
Di xo


  1. The quilt is wonderful. Your niece is a lucky girl to get such a great gift. I agree that the wonderful border fabric is balanced out by the plain setting blocks. Just perfect!

  2. Oh I love the border! It gives the quilt added dimension. And I'm envious of your garden space. I lug all of my projects into the courtyard of our apt complex to photograph. I know my neighbors must have a name for me by now :)

  3. I love the quilt - well done! And your new photography area is a wonderful idea!

  4. Love that quilt, it's gorgeous!

  5. Wow Di! That's a beautiful quilt. It'll make a lovely birthday gift - very special and personal. And, brownie points to hubby for the new photography trellis!

  6. I'm sure your niece will love it. I agree the busy-ness of the border is balanced out by the plain fabrics and a plain border would have almost been "too little". This is a really beautiful quilt.