Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Belfast here I come!

Tomorrow morning I am catching the 08.30hrs flight to Belfast….

The alarm is set for a 5.15hrs wake up call…
No not 1:50!!

The flying geese are all ready to fly…
Flying geese cushion
...They will be fed in NI to look all plump…

The shopping bags are made and now have fasteners…
Shopping bags
And of course I will need a bag for the aeroplane…
Aeroplane bag
All that is left to do is pack, get a meal ready for the men and be out of the house by 6.15pm to head over to Tanya's for Stitch it Together

See you on the other side.
Di x


  1. have fun and try to get a bit of sewing done xx!

  2. Have a ball, my friend!!

  3. Very envious of that gorgeous aeroplane bag!

  4. Have a lovely time Di - a bit of chicken soup for the soul I hope! The fasteners on the shoppers make them really handy don't they? You are going to get lots of envious looks for your glorious aeroplane bag x

  5. Woohoo! See you tomorrow, my friend! Sooooo looking forward to some time with you. Where did that amazing aeroplane bag come from?! It's fabulous but sadly may not make it out of my house on Fri morning 😉

  6. Hope there's ample fun on the trip too xxx

  7. You are so organised! Let's hope everything is on time tomorrow! Jxo

  8. Enjoy your trip - lovely makes!

  9. Have a great time and blog all about it so we can share x

  10. Have a great time today, Di! The weather's pretty dismal, but that's almost better for catching up with friends!

  11. Ugh, that's early!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Catching up on my blog reading. It was soo lovely to meet you and your notting hill bag, soo pretty :)