Friday, 28 June 2013

Restarting and resending

After the drama of my sewing machine missing stitches it has been looked at by a person who knows what he is doing, has had a couple of new parts, and I was able to collect it the following day. Now that is good service! I actually wonder if my walking foot is moving whilst I am quilting and hitting the needle. I am going very slowly and checking regularly and all seems to be ok at the moment.

My job today is to get this baby quilt, quilted.
Baby Quilt for E
I have completed all the quilting down the quilt and now I am making my way across the quilt sewing 1/4" from the seams in each direction. I really want to get this one quilted quickly but I think that other things might displace this job!
Quilting has started!
Bizarrely, the name tag I made in the swap for the FQ Retreat has been whizzing around the postal system for a whole week and arrived back with me. It has a great big sticker on it saying that not enough postage has been paid. It was sent from our local Post Office, so I hot footed it up the village today, to see if our post office could shed light on it. It has now been restamped and put back in the postal system. 

Sorry partner if you are getting anxious about not receiving your name tag, but the postal system has let me down! Let's hope it gets through, second time around!

Have a good weekend. I will be quilting for all I'm worth to get this quilt ready for binding!
Di x


  1. I suppose at least your name tag made it back to you rather than just is appearing completely. Hope you get your baby quilt done soon.

  2. At least you go the tag back so you can resend! Good luck with the quilting :o)

  3. You have great sewing machine service. The returned mail is unfortunate but now it is on its way again.

  4. At least you got your name tag back. I quite often have to go to the PO to collect blocks/other stuff sent to me by people who don't get that if it's a fraction thicker than a couple of sheets of paper they need a larger letter stamp. It wouldn't be so bad but normally it's only underpaid by about 20p but the PO fine the receiver a £1 on top too. I guess with Airmail they just return to sender straight away.

  5. I'm beginning to despair of RM. Have fun quilting! Jxo

  6. good luck with the quilting. sometimes taking the foot and its post thing off and putting it back on might tighten it???

  7. Glad your machine is getting sorted out.
    I think that the quilting looks exquisite - just perfect for those special fabrics.
    Very glad that RM didn't swallow your tag into their abyss and that it came back to you safe and sound.

  8. Gorgeous quilt - super colours together. So calming. And I hope the Royal Mail rectified THEIR mistake????

  9. Enjoy the quilting. How lucky that RM sent the parcel back to you!

  10. I hope you didn't have to pay again?!! Glad your machine is better - the quilt looks lovely!

  11. love love love #quilt
    boo boo boo #royalmail
    hug hug hug #sewingmachinefixerguy

  12. I have spare machines, let me know if you ever want to borrow one :
    I took three to mr c this week for some talc :)