Monday, 10 June 2013

Frantic Sewing

It is nearly a week since I have blogged. The week has just flown by. Last week I 'road tested' my Super Tote (Anna - Noodlehead pattern) in London. It is the perfect city bag as it is large enough to carry everything and the kitchen sink, as well as being safe due to the zipper closure.
The perfect city tote!
Last Friday I went to a local, to me, quilting show in Spalding. I really enjoyed seeing the quilts that were displayed, meeting up with quilting friends for coffee and going on a fabric buying spree.

This is the fabric that I bought.

I am off on my annual trip to Northern Ireland later this week. I am going to meet up with friends, to go to Focusfest. However, this is also the perfect opportunity to see some of my  bloggy friends in person! I am therefore going to fly out a day earlier and stay with Sarah and see Judith too. How good is that? I am getting excited about my big trip abroad!!!

As I am seeing lots of friends I need to take a few little presents with me. Having seen on both Judith's and Sarah's blogs that there is now a bag tax in NI, I decided that I would make some fold up bags. The left hand fabrics in the top photo was bought to make these bags.
Shopping bags
Do you want to see how I managed to keep that cane up?

Tall boys were the answer!

Now that the bags are made, I need to find a way of keeping the bags rolled up. That is my job for this afternoon!

I also need to have a present for my friend, who I'm staying with over the weekend. I decided that due to the luxury of having a hold bag as well as hand luggage, I would make a cushion.
After seeing Catherine's post I decided to copy her idea and make the flying geese block. I like making flying geese so it was fun to do. Unfortunately this is as far as I have got…
Potential cushion!
As I am out for dinner with some school mums tonight, going to see a Shakespeare play performed outside at Tolethorpe tomorrow evening (please don't let it rain!) and then Stitching it Together at Tanya's on Wednesday evening, I think that late night sewing might be required if I'm to ever to get these projects finished. Wish me luck!!!

Right, I can't hang round as I need to get sewing!
Di x


  1. Wow. What lovely presses. Hope you get them done without having too much stress! Your fabric haul is lovely! Have fun making things with them!

  2. That super tote really is a super tote! Love the feature fabric. It's so funky! The shoppers are lovely too - and how handy to have 2 strong boys to hold your display up!

  3. I'm envious of your journey to NI. Wish I could be a fly on the wall!! And you are the kindest friend - they will love those bags!!

  4. Why not bring the cushion with you to work on it here on Weds??? xx

  5. Your super tote looks super....and have a lovely trip.

  6. Aww, I was quite impressed with the levitating bags there...

  7. Those bags are a great plan! they should tidy away into a pocket or a handbag, nicely!

    good luck at the sewing meet at Tanya's, and have a great time in Ireland.

  8. I love those shopping bags and your new fabric! I think the cushion is going to be wonderful, I hope you get it finished in time!

  9. Wonderful projects! good luck with getting everything finished :)

  10. Brilliant shopping bags, and a lovely haul to boot! Glad I read all the way to the end, forgot all about Wednesday night! See you then!

  11. Crikey! You're not wrong about having a busy few days! Can't wait to see you Thurs! Jxo

  12. Wow, busy, busy, loving your new fabrics, and you have polka dots, love them! :o)

  13. I was at the show on Friday too, it was small but I enjoyed it more. There was plenty to keep me occupied and one or two small purchases may have come home with me.

  14. oh wow so busy! love your tote! and the fabrics you purchased and how lucky are you getting to meet more real life bloggy friends. I am not at all jealous! lol. Those wee shopping bags are so so handy too. Have a fab time! x

  15. What a great idea with the bags. Love the cushion cover - I started quilting mine this evening, but ran out of bobbin thread and time. Have a fabulous weekend - say Hi to Sarah and Jude from me x