Thursday, 20 June 2013

Post Belfast party...

I returned from Belfast, late on Monday evening. I have had a really good time but I was whacked when I got home. I am definitely out of practice on the partying front!

I was met at Belfast airport by Judith, and driven down to Sarah's. We were greeted with a typical Ulster morning coffee - White chocolate and raspberry scones (they don't do tea and biscuits in this part of the world). 
Doing the 3Fs
Then we got down to business…the 3 Fs
Friendship, food and fabric. 

How can three women chat constantly all day? We certainly managed to do so. In the evening Sarah and myself went up to Belfast to see Judith in teacher mode at one of her patchwork classes. It is really nice to see where Jude's classes and Bee Blessed are held. I also had the pleasure of meeting Rachael. This girl is seriously talented… check out her blog here. I have been following her blog for a wee while now so it was really great to meet her in person.

The following day Sarah and myself went to a walk around the lake in Hillsborough before Sarah kindly dropped me off in Belfast for the second part of my weekend. As you may note, I forgot to take a single photo. This is so typical of me….just lets say that President Obama followed in my steps by visiting the Waterfront! There were four of us who stayed in Belfast over night. Again this evening was filled with a lot of laughter and fun.
The bags that I made for the 'girls' went down well too.

I spent Sunday with my friends in Co Londonderry. My husband and W went to school together and that was a long time ago! Our families get on really well together, so it is a real pleasure to visit. The cushion was for A and W.

W has ordered some more, so I need to get sewing as we are meeting up again in August.

I also got to visit my elderly Mother in Law before I flew home. This was a real bonus and a blessing. I am very unusual in the fact, that I love my Mother in Law and it is hard to live so far away from her and not to be able to visit when we would like to.

It has taken me a couple of days to catch up on my sleep as I was exhausted when I got home. Life is gradually getting back to normal…washing, cleaning up, cooking etc. The best bit of all is that my elder boy took his final A level today and my younger boy finished his GCSEs last week. This family is officially on summer holidays now, however I think that it will be the boys doing the hard partying this weekend!
Di x


  1. Glad you had a lovely trip!

  2. LOL! Get those boys busy in the kitchen!! I haven't stopped using my eco bag! It fits perfectly into my bag and is the perfect size! Thank you my friend. So glad you had a lovely time with MIL and others! Jxo

  3. Wow, it looks as if you had a great time and what wonderful news that the boys have finished their exams, a relief all round I imagine. See you soon x

  4. Oh it was sooooo good to have you here! Thanks for coming and for my fabulous mini weekender bag!

    Woohoo for the holidays and an end to exams. Congrats to the boys and for the return of normal family life!!

    Love ya!

  5. Exams are all done in this household too! Glad you had a great weekend away-worth being tired for

  6. So glad you had such a wonderful time and got to fit all the visiting and family in too:) final day at school tomorrow and holidays begin :) need to get ose boys busy :) x

  7. sounds like you had a fab time. Get those lads of yours to work so you can do more sewing x

  8. Well done Willowbeck boys for getting through your exams! Looks like you had a lovely trip to Belfast - I've only been once but it was a very beautiful place. Hope the weather perks up for a lovely long summer break with your boys x

  9. Sounds like a lovely time! I hope you are enjoying the summer break, my youngest is done after next Wednesday for the summer too.

  10. yay, welcome back, and glad you had a great time, it looks like a great weekend. :o)

  11. Congrats to your kids for getting through their exams.. Tough stuff to get through but a huge relief when they are done!

  12. Oh that sounds like a fun weekend.

  13. I'm now obsessed with the though of white choc and raspberry scones..................glad you had a great trip x