Friday, 6 April 2012

Block duty

Hi, I have been absent for a few days as I have had a few nights away with my hubby on our own! There is a first for everything. Elder son was left to revise and younger son is away snowboarding! It was really nice to be able to please ourselves. We went 'up North' and we were able to see my folks on one of our days there. We experienced snow on Tuesday night and the road across the Pennines was shut. It seemed so surreal when we were in such warm temperatures four days before. The poor lambs in the fields.

On the sewing front I have been soldering on with my blocks for my patchwork class.

Flying geese block


Little Lone Star

Old Fellows Chain
As this is a hand sewing class that I am doggedly machine sewing, I am finding some of the pieces really small to sew! This is causing me no end of annoyance and it is taking all my determination not to quit!!! I really love going to my class but I do think that it is not for me, as I much prefer to use my sewing machine. My dilemma is whether I continue with this class in the autumn. 

Many many thanks to SusanJudithLorna and Sarah for all their help and advice on how to do flying geese the 'quick' way, using squares and rectangles. As you can see I really needed their help as there are an awful number of flying geese in the blocks above.

I am not feeling the love on this quilt so I am going to make sure that all the blocks are done by the time I go to class next Thursday. There are some projects you just can't wait to finish! 

My aim is to finish all the little pieces of sewing that are waiting for attention, so that I can have next week free to quilt my psychedelic quilt. There never seems to be enough time to do everything!

Di xo


  1. So glad you and hubbie got some quality time out (despite the weather!). I know what you mean about not 'feeling' it when sewing something, but I really like your blocks, esp little lone star. Hopefully when all the blocks are finished & put together as a quilt you'll fall in love with it then! Jxo

  2. Oooo how lovely to have some time to yourselves. Mmmm quilts take up so much time and energy (as I am learning) so if you are not enjoying it as you go along that must be tough! I like your new spring blog top x

  3. I really like your blocks too Di...keep going with your machining, I strongly believe there is no right or wrong method - do what you enjoy.x

  4. I love all these blocks - I was going to tell you which one I like best, but I can't decide! Can't wait to see what you will post next!

  5. I love these blocks Di & your colour & fabric combos are wonderful...keep going :)