Tuesday, 10 April 2012

FQ Retreat Name Tag

The one job on my 'to do' list, that can finally be ticked off, is the making of a name tag for my secret swap partner for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in June. I am not very good at being original but I have had the image of bunting in red, white and blue going around in my head for a month or more. I have had other ideas but kept coming back to to the bunting theme.

I have been looking out for Jubilee themed buttons and ribbon but was not really sure as to what to do. Finally, I have gone with prairie points for the bunting and popped some Union Jack buttons on it to reinforce the Jubilee theme. So here is the big reveal...
Jubilee name tag for FQ Sewing Retreat
The only problem that I can see with the finished name tag, is that it is a tad too large to be hanging off someones top. I therefore decided that it looked better hanging from a lanyard, so I made a matching one. I think that you will all be seeing this at the retreat! I cannot reveal anymore, but just let me say that the pressure has been enormous! The name tag might not be perfect but it is going in the post ASAP so that I don't have to agonise over it anymore.

Di xo


  1. I think red, white and blue bunting on Jubilee weekend is a perfect idea.

  2. Great idea going with the r/w/b theme and I love those cute buttons. I'm sure your partner will be wearing her name tag with British pride!! Jxo

  3. What a lovely idea! Looking forward to seeing the finished tag!

  4. exciting, look forward to final tag!