Sunday, 29 April 2012

It's raining blocks...

 As the song goes...It's raining men blocks!

The rain just continues to pour down with no let up. I was meant to be going out today but rain has stopped play. So I thought that I would give you a peak at the blocks that I have made in my machine quilting class. We are meeting once a month for 6 months and we have a fabulous teacher. I like to be able to work at my own pace and our teacher allows us to do this. Below is an update of my progress
You might remember these blocks

Well I have been working hard at these blocks and now I have all 8 blocks made and sashed.

Next month we are going to put these blocks together. They are going to be pieced on point to make our quilt. I cannot wait to get them put together. I actually find the piecing of the individual blocks my least favourite part of making a quilt, so by the time that I get to this stage I get excited and want to get on with it. This one is going to come together really quickly.

Now I am going to get back to my sewing machine before the family wake up!
Di xo


  1. Your blocks look lovely. And nice to see your photo up there too. That is a new addition, isn't it? Not something that I have just managed to miss for ages?

  2. Oh Di, these are gorgeous! I love your choice of border/sashing too! And it's lovely seeing your pretty face up there! Jxo

  3. This rain is just incredible isn't it?? I wish I could just stay indoors and sew on a rainy day like today, rather than be stuck in a cage with two mini lions who really need to get outside!!! I have however spent a bit of time sewing this evening..... I love these blocks, look forward to seeing the finished item x

  4. I absolutely love your sashing fabric choice.
    Cant't wait to see the next step. What does pieced on point mean?
    Liz xxxx

  5. *waving at your photo* I love your blocks!!

  6. Your blocks look fab Di!
    (Nice photo by the way!!! :))

  7. Rain and rain and more rain!

    Blocks look great and cheerful for a rainy day!


  8. I love your color choices! So pretty!