Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Sewing afternoon

I have had a lovely afternoon just sewing... 

Two of my Friday class mates came over to sew. We only met in January as were were all signed up for the same machine sewing class. S is an older lady who comes with her neighbour, and friend, L. L is very kind to S and keeps an eye out for her. S unfortunately didn't make our last class due to illness. Whilst L and I were sewing away at our last class we thought that we would meet up at my home to help S catch up with her blocks that she missed. This afternoon we gathered in my home and had a pleasant chat and sewing time.
We had afternoon tea in the middle of the proceedings and didn't get S completely caught up. This is such a shame as we have had to put another date in the diary to get S up to date for the next class!! We are doing lunch next time!

As I had completed all my blocks to date for class, I pulled out an old project that never got completed. I started this quilt last October but had to put it away so that I could make my MIL a quilt for Christmas. I had bought a jelly roll to make a quilt with and had actually finished making all the blocks.

Here are some blocks ready to sew together

This afternoon I managed to sew up all the strips of blocks

Rows of blocks
Fabric for the setting triangles
It was a really fun afternoon although S didn't manage to complete all her blocks. We are looking forward to our next sew-in.

Di xo


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Not finishing just gives you all a good excuse to meet up again!!! Love your Lovely blocks! Jxo

  2. Nothing to beat real life sewing bee.

  3. Sewing with friends. How lovely. I will be able to do that in June. Wish someone I knew around here loved it as much as I did!

  4. Glad you had fun on your sew-in. Sounds lovely! It's so great to have good company to stitch with!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day - I love your blocks!

  6. Good excuse for a bit of chat and next time lunch as well! You do remember to sew too I hope!

  7. That's so nice, I wish some of my Irish quilter bloggy friends lived nearby sure even any of the international ones! I'd love to do what you did!