Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Silver lining

I officially live in a drought area. We have a hosepipe ban and are not allowed to pump water from the beck that runs around our garden. Unfortunately the weather doesn't know this, as we have had torrential April showers, to date, for the whole month!
Rain from my bedroom window (note the lake beyond that is full of water!)

 The silver lining for me, is that I want to stay at home and sew when the weather is bad. I have continued sewing my half completed 'Strawberry Fields' quilt, which I will give you a peak of. Please note that the photo is terrible due to the lighting conditions (rainy day).It is just an indication of my busyness!
Progress of the strawberry fields quilt
I have also made another little project from this book. There is something very soothing about sewing a complete project in an afternoon. I have been trying to justify buying a fat quarter of some fabric that I have had my eye on. Eventually I pressed the 'buy' button and 24hrs later it came through my letterbox. I also ordered a Kona Solid to go with it.
A FQ of Typewriters
I just love those typewriters! They are bigger in real life than I imagined that they would be. So with a piece of linen bought from a market stall I made this...A linen bag.
Front of linen bag
 I have no idea what I will use it for, but I did enjoy making it. I changed the pattern a little by adding a tab and button to secure the opening as I knew that I would lose things otherwise. I also added my own twist on the back of it too.
Back of linen bag
I have got to run now as I have my patchwork class with the 'naughty girls' this morning. We are also having lunch afterwards. It can be really hard sometimes....
Di xo


  1. The pouch is gorgeous and I love the half a typewriter.

  2. Hi Di, The pouch is awesome and I've been eyeing up that typewriter fabric for some time he he. May have to indulge. Is the book any good? There's mixed reviews on Amazon?

  3. Love those typewriters too, great wee bag.
    Hope you didn't give that poor teech a hard time this morning.

  4. I was going to ask you if you do any gardening, but probably not with all this rain! I'm loving the strawberry fields quilt. It's going to be even prettier when complete :)

  5. I love your bag and the strawberry fields quilt - if it keeps raining you'll be finished all your quilts in no time!!