Friday, 13 April 2012

PIF post

Back in January, before I became a blogger, I was just a "reader" of blogs but I somehow managed to sneak in to Laura Jane's PIF ("Pay It Forward" for those who don't know the acronym). I was really excited and look what came in the post today...

 ...a cute cathedral window pincushion and look at that little birdie pin! 

Many thanks LJ, it is beautiful.

Now the idea of PIF is that you too can have a surprise package coming through your letterbox, one day in the future. I now have to pay the kindness forward to 3 of you lovely readers.

The first 3 comments on this post will receive a handmade gift from me, and in exchange for that, they have to promise to pay it forward to 3 of their readers in turn. 
I think you get a year to do it, so there is an element of surprise to this. If you would like to receive a small handmade article from me, sign up, and some time during this year, you too, will have a package dropping through your letterbox.

Di xo


  1. Di - I would live to have something from you - as long as you are ok with sending it across the pond! If not, I understand :) Very cute gift you received!

    1. Live = love! This is what happens when I type on my phone :)

  2. Hi Di, I would love to get involved with this will be my first project he he. Love the Cathedral windows something I want to get around to trying :).

  3. Cute pinny! Don't count me as no.3 though, I've already done PIF! Jxo

  4. So glad you like it! D'ont count me as no3 either, you know I've already done one! xxx