Saturday, 7 April 2012

A twin but not identical...

Last night I cracked on with my list of things that needed to be finished. You may remember that I made some cushions back in January. I really wanted two for both sofas, so I decided that the fourth was needed. I have had this project on the go for the last couple of weeks and finally I finished it last night. Do you remember this cushion?
Ruby Cushion
Well I have made it a twin except that the back has been improved upon by the addition of a zip closure.
When I saw this tutorial by Judith (which was also posted here as part of Fairy Face Designs Sew Simple series) I knew that I could gain a new skill and complete my cushion too!

Following instructions on my iPad

Zip is attached to one side

Sewing was simple

Mission accomplished

Double vision or matching pair?
 Now to show you the back.... yes the zipper is completely concealed and looking good!
Not quite identical

Watch your back!
I am rather pleased with myself. Many thanks to Judith for the excellent tutorial. I can highly recommend it as it is very clear and easy to follow.
A trio of ruby cushions
Happy Easter to you all.
Di xo


  1. Wow! What a stunning pair! These are gorgeous Di! So glad you found the tute helpful! Jxo

  2. Well done following Judith's tutorial. I thought it was a great one and it certainly looks good on your cushion.

  3. Looking great all in a row! I think I will need to try some cushions soon.

  4. Oh your cushions look great! I especially love your binding/ around the outside edge. And your hand sewing! They look great against your couch :)